Celebrate Orella Ranch’s 150th Anniversary & Future with a #REX!

Celebrate Orella Ranch’s 150th Anniversary & Future with a #REX!

Celebrate Orella Ranch’s 150th Anniversary & Future with a #REX!


We’re very proud to be holding the first #REX training at the historic Orella Ranch in Gaviota, California. It is a truly beautiful part of the world and we’ve been fortunate to have become great friends with the Tautrim family over the last decade.

We asked Orella’s Guner Tautrim to capture his thoughts around what he hopes that the REX will help his family achieve as they look to the next 150 years. This is what he had to say:

“…In March 2016, Orella Ranch is honored and privileged to host the first international 10-day Regrarians Platform farm training (REX) with Darren Doherty.  The year 2016 marks our family’s 150th year of stewardship on this coastal California property.  Although this property has an honorable and rich history, we are designing for an even more abundant future. 

We feel that the Regrarians Platform is a road map to success when it comes to regenerative farming practices.  Never before has the importance of a healthy water and nutrient cycle been so clearly needed.  Our changing climate seems to bring more periods of sustained drought while packing a punch of short and intense flood events along the way.  Building resilience into our system is how we hope to weather these peaks and valleys. 

The REX curriculum values the holistic goals of us, the stewards of this land, while giving us the tools to create the conditions for rapid beneficial succession to unfold.  Starting from an environment of Southern California status quo — that being continuous grazed (over grazed) land dominated by European annual grasses and weeds — we hope to embrace and implement the steps needed to create the conditions for a perennial, multi species, hummus rich, tree studded environment to thrive.  We aim to create an environment that honors and nurtures we that live here while enhancing the resources of the land itself.  We feel that Southern California (and California as a whole) is long overdue for a flagship Regenerative Agriculture operation.  This property has the potential to inspire hundreds if not thousands of people to join us in rebooting our agricultural heritage in a way that aggregates our natural resources not degrades them.  Please come and join us in making the change we wish to see.  Be part of the solution.  The time is now…”

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