1. How much do you charge for your professional services?

Regrarians Ltd. base consulting charge is AUD$150/hour (inc. GST in Australia) and this levied in half hour blocks. The same applies for travel time, which is AUD$60/hour (inc. GST in Australia) again in half hour blocks. We charge this to pay for the time we take in travel, which is often more than the job itself. Otherwise for disbursements we charge items at cost. We have a long held policy of not placing a margin on goods purchased for our client’s projects and in most cases we’ll have the clients purchase these themselves if we are not directly managing a project.

Outside of Australia and New Zealand Regrarians Ltd. Directors only attend conventions and conferences with local hosts. Attendance of these conventions and conferences has the expectation of a donation being made to Regrarians Ltd. as per the rates listed in the Regrarians® Terms and Conditions page.

2. How much do you charge for education services?

Within Australia and New Zealand this will depend on the type of service however a base rate of AUD$1500 (inc. GST in Australia) applies to shorter events along with any travel time, travel and accommodation costs incurred. For longer training engagements we have a range of pricing structures that range from a charge per attendee per day to flat rates depending on the situation and what’s been negotiated.

Outside of Australia Regrarians Ltd. Directors only attend conventions and conferences with local hosts. Attendance of these conventions and conferences has the expectation of a donation being made to Regrarians Ltd. as per the rates listed in the Regrarians Terms and Conditions page.

3. How does a Regrarians® Farm Design process work?

1. These days we get people to fill out our online Farm Design Inquiry form as a starting point.
2. We then have a look at your place on Google Earth and then develop a costing proposal.
3. Prepare an Aerial Topographic Base Map for use any consultancy sessions
4. We then like to schedule a short RON session to break the ice before organising a time to come out and take a look at your place.
5. The first invoice will be forwarded to cover any flight costs (if any)
6. At our face to face meeting we follow the Regrarians Platform® process at the consultancy in an informal interview format that over a few hours together we get a thorough and methodical picture of the project and what you want to achieve.
7. We then take a look over the property and check out the problems and opportunities
8. Then we come back to the plan of the place and check off the major development opportunities & priorities
9. Following this we then draft a digital Concept Plan and then a Regrarians Platform® Report which are then emailed through to the client along with the second invoice for consultation, any travel & incidentals (accommodation etc.) and the plan and report.
10. We then encourage clients to have a follow up RON session to review the plan and report and make any changes as required.
11. If your project is outside of Australia or New Zealand and you want to have Regrarians Ltd. Directors visit in person then you will need to host a Regrarians® Convention.

4. How long does it take to get a Regrarians® Farm Design completed?

We try and have a 1-2 week turnaround on our farm design work and this includes the development of our Concept Plans and Regrarians Platform Reports. Where projects require a Detailed Plan (s) and longer Regrarians Platform reports then the process will take a week or two longer depending on the complexity involved and the research/other consultancies required.

5. What about Regrarians Ltd.?

The Regrarian® brand (registered as a trademark in Australia) was originated by Darren J. Doherty and the concept of Regrarianism was also developed by Darren and built around the Regrarians Platform. Regrarians Ltd. is a not-for-profit, Public Company Limited by Guarantee incorporated in Australia. Regrarians Ltd. directors are Darren Doherty, Lisa Heenan & Isaebella Doherty. Darren Doherty, Lisa Heenan & Isaebella Doherty work as volunteers for Regrarians Ltd. and operate education, consultancies and media under this brand with proceeds from all income going towards its Statement of Purpose, The Regrarians® Charter:

“…Our primary responsibility is to the regenerative enhancement of the biosphere’s ecosystem processes. Our secondary responsibility is to provide the potential for people to be informed about the regenerative economy, whether it involves their work in agriculture, land management, corporate life, domestic services, manufacturing or other activities that are within the reasonable domain of humans…”

6. You give a lot of your stuff away. Why is that?

We have always tried to enable people to accelerate their progress by our ‘Policy of Magnanimity’. We are still blown away by the tightfisted practices of many in our industry but fortunately the newer generations are much more about sharing of materials for the common good. We have a few things that we don’t give away for free but there are plenty of on-line materials that we make available to anybody through our website, Vimeo Channel, YouTube Channel & GoogleDrive. All we ask in return is that if people do reuse or republish our original works that they acknowledge the source.

7. What is the Regrarians® ‘Policy of Magnanimity’?

The era of the internet and now social media has enabled people to communicate in ways that have never happened before. Similarly anyone who manages a modern website or social media pages knows full well the capacity to use various search optimisation techniques to generate attention to themselves and their products, along with an almost forensic ability to analyse those who visit their pages. We’ve witnessed the rise of many businesses in our industry who are very savvy at applying many techniques to increase their profile and whilst we applaud that, we take issue with a lack of acknowledgement that some choose to make as they go about their communications.

Our ‘Policy of Magnanimity’ is broadly applied to ensure that we don’t fall into the same trap and guides us in our use of keywords, placements & hyperlinks or acknowledging sources and shares across the various web platforms Regrarians Ltd. finds itself working in. The policy also extends to our printed materials and presentations and we are continually sharpening our work in this area such that we make that extra effort to extend possibility and potential, not resentment and disregard. Its all about that little bit of effort and a whole lot about integrity.

With this we ask that you attribute our materials in your sharing of them. In social media please use the tags @Regrarians and/or #Regrarians or other recommended tags. If you are posting one of our articles or video in social media then please apply the recommended tags and use the URL of the our original page. Please do not download and upload our materials into social media as this removes the URL link to our site (s).

8. Can I use the Regrarians® brand or Regrarians Logo?

Regrarians®, the Regrarians Platform® and the Regrarians Logo are all trademarked brands and marks owned by Regrarians Ltd. founding director Darren J. Doherty. The use of the Regrarians® brand and Regrarians Logo is forbidden where applied to any enterprise without the written permission of Darren J. Doherty. This may appear out of step with the aforementioned ‘Regrarians Policy of Magnanimity’, however it needs to be clear that the Regrarians® brand is all about quality not quantity and we are determined to keep it that way. We are delighted that people have started to describe themselves colloquially as ‘Regrarians’ however this delight and permission does not extend to any form of commerce or liberty in using the Regrarians brand or logo.

People are free to use and apply the Regrarians® trademark within educational trainings where describing the ‘Regrarians Platform®’. Where describing that they are using the Regrarians Platform as part of their, educational trainings, business or planning processes we ask that the following acknowledgement be made and logo be attached and shown:

‘Regrarians®, the Regrarians Platform® and the Regrarians® Logo are all trademarked brands and marks owned by Regrarians Ltd. founding director Darren J. Doherty – www.Regrarians.org’

We are endeavouring to providing professional access to the Regrarians® trademark following extensive trainings within our ‘Regrarians® Advanced Certificate’ (#RAC) program – scheduled to commence following the completion of the Regrarians Handbook