Earthworks Grading Program [Pre-Order | ETA March 2024]

Welcome to the most comprehensive earthworks grading program in the world! In this program we will go through the process of grading each of the most common earthworks those involved in landscape design and management are likely to encounter in their career.

This program is not focused on earthwork design per se but on the technicalities of grading earthworks in CAD. This is an important distiction to make as design is context specific but the principles behind grading apply in most cases. As such, this program aims to equip you with the understanding needed to tackle virtually any grading job out there, no matter the design specifications or job context. We will convey a process that you can use in any situation to grade just about any kind of earthen structure imaginable, regardless of whether you’re working off of plans sketched on a napkin, concepts drawn in Google Earth Pro, or schematics drawn by a professional.

Among many other things, we will also show how to:

  • read grading plans or design concepts and distill them down to the essentials elements of information that you need for your work
  • optimize, import and work with GIS data for grading purposes
  • manage complex grading environments
  • analyse gradings to determine their volumetrics, costs, and other facets
  • prepare data for export towards precision equipment for implementation
  • create your own grading schematics that you can hand over to a contractor or government agencies or use yourself

Pre-Order Discount

Input the coupon code GRADING during checkout (scroll to bottom) to claim your pre-order discount. The discount percentage begins at 30% and lasts until March 31, 2024. Afterwards, it will be progressively reduced until the program is released. So far, we have produced and released half of the content – everything up till Chapter 5 Open Channels.


  • Scripted, pre-recorded, and streamed. Information is presented in a concise and clear format. You can learn at your own leisure, from any device and place that has an active internet connection.
  • Value appreciation. We are expanding or improving the content over time so the value of your purchase grows with time . 
  • Project files (downloadable) are included for most sessions so that you can follow along.
  • Technical support within the Workplace for issues related to the content is included. 
  • Access content as it becomes available. New videos are released constantly and progressively as we expand the program over time. You can also give feedback and make requests for changes and additions. In this way, you can dictate the direction you’d like the program to go in.
  • Free to our Planner subscribers for life! Past, present and future Planner members will get access to this program regardless of whether their subscription is active or not. If you’d like to become a Planner member, please visit this page.
  • Buy it in modules. If you don’t want to become a Planner member, you can purchase the program separately either in its entirety or just the modules you’re interested in.

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The program can be bought either in its entirety or in separate modules. We hope this will enable people to save on cost and access just that content that most interests them. There are six (6) modules to choose from, seen below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner. Is this program suitable for me?

The program is thorough and will lead students every step of the way in detail. Even if you have never done grading before or used civil engineering software, you’ll be able to follow along as you learn a working process that you will be able to apply on any site and for any given earthwork. That being said, this program assumes that students have a technical mind, can think in 3D, and feel comfortable navigating complex software.

How do I get access?

There are two options:

  • (1) Buy the program or any individual module of it from this page — This option grants you lifetime access to the content, including any updates. Technical support is limited to just the first 12 months after your purchase.
  • (2) Become a Planner member — This option will grant lifetime access to the program, including any updates. Once your 12 months of subscription run out, you will continue to have access even if you don’t renew it beyond the 12 months. The Planner membership also gives you access to all of our other programs and content as well as additional perks like mapping support.
    • Subscriptions are open-ended, meaning if you don’t manually cancel it after 12 installments then it will renew automatically. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription after 12 installments have been paid.
    • The minimum subscription duration is 12 months.
    • Technical support will be limited to the duration of an active subscription.

How long do I have to wait before I can watch the program?

ETA for the full release is ~March 2024 but we expect to begin releasing videos from August 2023. You will be able to watch videos as they become available. So far, we have produced and released half of the content – everything up till Chapter 5 Open Channels

How will I receive the program? Do I need to sign up somewhere? 

Once you have bought the program or become a Planner member, you will receive an invitation to the Workplace within 2 business days. You will be able to access the content from within the platform as soon as it becomes available. Should you encounter any issues, contact us and we’ll help resolve them!

I don’t have the required software, where should I get it from?

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D can be purchased from Autodesk. There is a 30 day free trial. Students of an official academic institituon can also apply for a 3 year free access.
  • Adobe Photoshop (or an equivalent 2D graphics application) can be purchased from Adobe.
  • Google Earth Pro is free and can be downloaded from this page.
  • QGIS is free and available for Windows, iOS and Linux. You can download it from the official website.

What version of Civil 3D should I use?

Any version from 2015 and above should work.

What operating system is the program based on?

In the case of Civil 3D, you will need a Windows operating system. The software can possibly run on Mac/Linux but you’ll need to use a virtual machine to simulate a Windows OS environment. See this video for a tutorial on that for Mac.

Any of the other software listed will run on Mac.

When will the program be released?

ETA March 2024 for full the release. So far, we have produced and released half of the content – everything up till Chapter 5 Open Channels.

How long will this program be?

We don’t know yet exactly, but it is likely to be in the vicinity of 40+ hours. Note that this length is after the videos have been edited. From the content released thus far, we have at least 15 hours of videos.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

It is entirely up to you. However, since grading is a somewhat advanced practice, if you have no prior experience then you can expect a rather steep learning curve. It may take a considerable amount of time and effort to understand the workflow and get used to it.

Is the content going to change?

Probably but not by much. During the course of recording the program, we may restructure it slightly so it fits better. That said, the current curriculum is more or less decided on.

I have already bought a module but now I’d like to access the entire program. Can the cost of my purchase of the individual module(s) be deducted if I buy the entire program?

Yes! If you have bought some module(s) already, we can deduct their cost from that of the whole program. We process these requests on a case by case basis, however, so please write to us.

Are subtitles going to be available?

Not at this time. The program is narrated in English with an international accent. In the future, automatically generated subtitles may be included but those are not necessarily perfect.

Can my team/project/family members have access to the program? 

  • If you join as a Planner subscriber, you can invite your project/family members to the Workplace. They will have the same account permissions as your account. So, in effect, they will have access to all of our programs as well, including this one.
  • If you buy the program separately from a Planner membership, only you will have access to it.

Are project files included?

The videos will be accompanied by the project files that you need to follow along with if you choose. 

Is the program downloadable?

The videos are not downloadable, but any project files will be downloadable.  Project files will be delivered via the cloud. This allows us to easily edit the program should the need arise and keep the program and files updated.  

Is the program refundable?

Prior to the release of the program refunds are available for 30 days from the date of purchase. Once the program has been fully released, we will not accept refunds since this is a digital product. Absolutely no refund claims will be honoured once access has been granted to the program. Therefore, we encourage you to consider your decision carefully. Please read through this FAQ and consider if this program is suitable for you or not. If you need more information, feel free to write to us as we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Do you offer support?

For the first 12 months of your purchase, or for the duration of your Planner subscription, we offer technical support with issues that are related to the content. That said, we cannot necessarily assist you with your personal/commercial projects since our time is very limited. That said, just out of sheer courtesy and fellow colleagues of course we will always make best effort to help you out or provide advice. But just please keep in mind that we may oftentimes be taken up with other projects. Support is offered only via the dedicated course group in the Workplace or through the Chat.

I have other questions, how should I contact you?

If you are a Regrarians Workplace member, write to us directly in the Workplace via the chat. Otherwise, drop us an email!

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