Regrarians® Workplace

Imagine for a moment a large warehouse.

As you walk in the main entrance you’re given your own special pass. As you look around you see lots of different stages, each of which is openly hosting a different theme of discussion. Discussions that are open to everyone who is in the building — including YOU.

Around the edges you’ll see that there are small glass walled theatres that you have to ask to go into — in there you’ll find some really close discussions which you can both watch or become an active part of. Then you’ll notice that there are lots of doors with solid brick walls. These are the secure rooms which are there to host confidential discussions, meetings and trainings. 

When you’re in any of these places you’ll notice there are people from all over the world and they’re using their native language. That might be a problem normally except in this place you get access to an automatic translator that allows you to break the language barrier that otherwise might exist. 

You’ll also notice that there’s a really well stocked library — in this case all catalogued according to the 10 layer Regrarians Platform® — and this is a special library as you can help stock it too. 

Finally with your special pass you’ll also get access to an app (iOS & Android) that you can load onto your handheld devices and use when you leave the warehouse too — you’ll use it to send messages to your new colleagues and friends, receive notifications of what’s happening and allow you to stay in touch wherever you are. 

Welcome to the Regrarians® Workplace!

Since we started using the ‘Regrarians® Workplace’ in July 2017 it has become the centre of nearly all of our activity. 

Using the brilliant Workplace from Meta platform, the Regrarians Workplace (RW) is the focal point for all of our liaisons with clients, professional associates and past training participants. It’s also where we host all of our online training programs. Since 2017 the RW has worked without moderation because we all understand and agree to follow these very simple membership conditions

Want to Know More?

Please take the time to watch the Regrarians Workplace Orientation Video — it will show you all you need to know to make the most of this wonderful space and the investment of your valuable time. 

You can also read through the Regrarians Workplace ‘Whole Under Management’/’Holistic Context’ & Membership Conditions here

So why not join us?

Simply become a Regrarians Subscriber or join us for a month using our free, no obligation (and no credit card!) one month pass