The Regrarians® Platform

The Regrarians® Platform is the basis of work flow & decision-making for all of Regrarians Ltd. work in designing, developing & training in the field of Regenerative Agriculture & Living. The Regrarians Platform is based on the ‘Keyline Scale of Permanence’ developed by the late, great Australian agricultural landscape designer, P.A. Yeomans as outlined in his 1958 classic, ‘The Challenge of Landscape’.

The big evolution in the Regrarians Platform over Yeomans’ Keyline Scale of Permanence is its inclusion of social & economic themes, whereas Yeomans scale was very much centred on agriculture. The Regrarians Platform also has changes in some of the headings and adds 9. Economy & 10. Energy to Yeomans original eight headings.

Keyline Scale of Permanence

1. Climate
2. Land Shape
3. Water Supply
4. Farm Roads
5. Trees
6. Permanent Buildings
7. SubDivision Fences
8. Soils

Regrarians Platform

1. Climate
2. Geography
3. Water
4. Access
5. Forestry
6. Buildings
7. Fences
8. Soils
9. Economy
10. Energy

The Regrarians Platform makes sure that everything is covered according to your context:

1. CLIMATE – You, Enterprise, Risk, Weather
2. GEOGRAPHY – Landform, Components, Proximity
3. WATER – Storage, Harvesting, Reticulation
4. ACCESS – Roads, Tracks, Trails, Markets, Utilities, People
5. FORESTRY – Blocks, Shelter, Savannah, Orchards, Natural
6. BUILDINGS – Homes, Sheds, Portable, Yards
7. FENCING – Permanent, Electric, Cross, Living
8. SOILS – Planned Grazing, Minerals, Fertility, Crops
9. ECONOMY – Analysis, Strategy, Value Chain
10. ENERGY – Photosynthesis, Generation, Storage