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Farm planning & design using our own Regrarians Platform that applies the world’s premiere production system & landscape management methods.

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World class knowledge-based learning opportunities with practical & experienced trainers & practitioners who have an established track record.

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The Regrarians Handbook a “cut to the chase” reference that will find a home on the desk & glovebox of experts and beginners alike.

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Award-winning media with an edge towards what’s positive, practical, pragmatic & possible: online, cinema and audio.

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“…The climate of the human mind is just as, if not more difficult to change than the climate of the biosphere!!..”

Darren J. Doherty, Bioneers Plenary, Santa Rosa, California, USA, October 2013

The 1.Climate chapter of the Regrarians eHandbook by Darren J. Doherty & Andrew Jeeves will be available for download from the 11th of March 2015  for AUD$5/copy if you agree to buy the entire eHandbook + we’ll also provide you with a 10% discount off the price of the hardcopy version when its released.

If you want to only commit to individual chapters then each chapter is priced at AUD$7/copy with no other discounts.


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Our primary responsibility is to the regenerative enhancement of the biosphere’s ecosystem processes. Our secondary responsibility is to provide the potential for people to be informed about the regenerative economy, whether it involves their work in agriculture, land management, corporate life, domestic services, manufacturing or other activities that are within the reasonable domain of humans…


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