Australian Keyline® Research & Educational Storehouse

Australian Keyline® Research & Educational Storehouse

Australian Keyline® Research & Educational Storehouse



The late Mr. Geoffrey Booth and I met in 2010 and soon after we started discussing the development of a Keyline archive, which Geoff was already advanced in putting together. Geoff kindly offered to bequeath me his archived materials and today I was lucky enough to have received a package from him that I will add to my own archive. This has come to be known as the Australia Keyline Research and Educational Storehouse or AKRES.

Mr. P.A. Yeomans (1905-1984) “esteem is evidenced by a nationwide poll conducted by Country Life magazine that placed PA Yeomans among the top 3 Australians who had contributed most to Australian agriculture”. His Keyline whole system design has proved to be a significant and lasting influence to the fields of agriculture, geography and landscape architecture in particular.

Regrarians Ltd. is very pleased to have made public this archive for all to see in the Regrarians Workplace. Please click here to join the Regrarians Workplace (on a one month free trial) and view the many materials we’ve accumulated over the years, including those that Geoff has shared with us.

Geoffrey Booth has done the world an enormous service in assiduously scouring both public and private archives such that we can make available whatever works we can find of P.A. Yeomans and his family so that it may contribute to the history of Australia and to serve those who wish to use the Keyline System of Design.

The links to Geoff’s online archive are as follows:


Thanks Geoff!

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