Regrarians® Workplace ‘Whole Under Management’, ‘Holistic Context’ and Membership Conditions

Regrarians® Workplace Whole Under Management (WUM)/Holistic Context (HC) & Membership Conditions  

The following was first developed in 2018 to inform Regrarians® Workplace members about the background resources, context and conditions for participation in this very useful digital platform. 

The following is made up of two (2) parts. The first is the Whole Under Management and Holistic Context. This framework is one we adapted from some of the text in ‘Holistic Management – 3rd Edition – A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment‘ by Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield. We also supply this a blank template for Regrarians Members to develop their own WUM and HC. The second part is a simple list which outlines the ‘Membership Conditions’ Regrarians Workplace members are bound to follow. 




  • Those with the power of veto 
  • Darren J. Doherty (Regrarians Ltd.)
  • Lisa Heenan (Regrarians Ltd. Director)
  • Isaebella Doherty (Regrarians Ltd. Director)

  • Direct influence on primary decision makers
  • Georgi Pavlov (Regrarians Handbook & Partner)
  • Andrew Jeeves (Regrarians Handbook & Partner)
  • Smilyan Pavlov (Regrarians IT Manager)
  • Regrarians Workplace Members

  • Major resources that generate revenue or provide support – e.g. land, buildings, machinery 
  • Equipment
    • iMacs 
    • MacBooks
    • iPhones
    • iPad
    • Portable HDD – Archives
    • Google Drive – Archives
    • Regrarians Workplace – Platform



  • Categories of People who will/can influence the management decisions you make – e.g. clients, customers, suppliers, advisors, neighbours, family etc.
  • Altitude Advice – Chartered Practicing Accountants
  • Regrarians Workplace
    • Regrarians Team
    • REX® participants
    • Clients
    • Regrarians Members
    • Professional Colleagues & Associates

  • Note sources of money available – e.g. cash on hand, savings, cash from relatives, shareholders or bank credit and money that can be generated from your resource base.  
  • Income Sources
    • REX® Programs
    • Regrarians Members
    • RON Webinars
    • Regrarians Handbook sales
    • Extension services
  • Accounts
    • Bendigo Bank
      • Regrarians Ltd. 


Statement of Purpose  To support & maintain an active, current & creative professional workplace which promotes intergenerational family & community lives built around regenerative & profitable production, management & educational systems
Quality of Life 
    • How you want your life to be?
      • To be loving, happy, healthy, supported, emotionally secure and meaningful
      • To live in an environment that is healthy and beautiful
      • To have time available to be with our families, friends and communities as they need us
      • To have the time to serve our health and interests outside of work
    • Economic well-being
      • To be financially secure and fiscally able
    • Relationships
      • To be loving, strong & supportive spouses, parents, partners, friends, mentors, colleagues and citizens
      • To have work schedules that are balanced between our family and friends needs, and that of our work and social lifes
    • Challenge & growth?
      • To be caring, current, engaged, disciplined and focussed in our personal and work-lives
    • Purpose & Contribution
      • To create and manage a legacy of values and practices that will improve the lives and function of our families, enterprises and the world
  • We serve our family and communities and support them emotionally, financially and environmentally
  • We are known to be pleasant, assertive, respectful, resourceful, knowledgeable, diligent, engaged, leading and professional
  • The world is healthy, productive and has ecosystem processes which are always improving


  1. The Regrarians Workplace WUM & HC frames and forms the basis to anyone’s participation and engagement in the Regrarians Workplace (‘RW). 
  2. The administration of the RW is the responsibility of Regrarians Ltd. Directors and Smilyan Pavlov (Regrarians Ltd. IT Manager) . 
  3. All correspondence regarding the administration and moderation of the RW is to be directed to Darren J. Doherty (Regrarians Ltd. Director) and Smilyan Pavlov (the ‘administrators’). 
  4. Members of the RW (‘members’) are considered to be all activated account holders and not Regrarians Ltd. Directors. 
  5. Any member of the RW can have their account deactivated at any time where the administrator (s) deem that the member (s) have not participated in the RW within the spirit and text of the RW WUM & HC. 
  6. ‘Freedom of Speech’ as a broad concept and practice is celebrated and encouraged within the RW provided that the spirit and text of the RW WUM & HC is maintained. Consideration of point 12 of these conditions provide a reference to the responsibilities (legal and otherwise) that the broad concept of ‘Freedom of Speech’ brings within the RW. 
  7. Members are to use the Regrarians Platform® as a guide to catalogue threads of conversation and any digital content or materials. 
  8. Members are encouraged to create their own public, closed or secret groups provided that the spirit and text of the RW WUM & HC is maintained in the designation and operation of these groups.
    Members understand that the administrators have the power to remove or close any groups at any time where the spirit and text of the RW WUM & HC is not maintained.  
  9. Membership of the RW is subject to fees and, subject to adherence to these RW Rules, perpetual for all REX® Onsite Farm Planning Program participants; all REX Online Farm Planning Program participants (‘REX Online’) —  who registered through the or websites are also provided these same membership provisions. 
  10. Membership of the RW is otherwise restricted to Regrarians Members, with their accounts activated for the duration of their membership provided they are current (i.e. financial and not deactivated) members or have been provided a time-limited membership.   
  11. Membership of the RW is subject to fees and of any term to any other persons that the Regrarians Ltd. Directors deem fit.   
  12. Lewd, pornographic, denigrative, vilifying or slanderous language or content or materials is not permitted and may incur member (s) accounts being deactivated and responsible authorities being notified should this been deemed necessary. 
  13. The sharing of any RW content to outside of the RW is subject to the permission being granted by any of the individual member (s) who created or added that content. 
  14. The legal jurisdiction for the RW is the State of Victoria in the Commonwealth of Australia and its international treaties and conventions.