Regrarians Online Conferencing or ‘RON’ Lead Attendee Package

Regrarians ONline (‘RON’) Conferencing Package

1. RON LIVE Conference sessions typically run for 1-2 hours (60-120 mins) with a maximum of 100 attendees

2. RON LIVE Conference are run using Zoom software and are all recorded. RON Live Conferences are catalogued according to the Regrarians Platform and have the same fee attached to their viewing as do the RON Live Conferences.

3. RON LIVE and RON Recorded Conferences all work on the following (automated) fee distribution split:

Trainer 80% : Regrarians 20%

4. Therefore if a RON Live Conferences has 25 attendees at USD$10 each then the payment split will be:

Trainer USD$200, Regrarians USD$50 — if there are more attendees then the payments automatically increase.

5. Over the life of the RON Recorded Conferences the same payment split ratio will apply per conference session and will be immediately paid into the lead attendee’s PayPal account – per USD$10 received the lead attendee will get USD$8 dollars. 100 paid views = USD$800 plus the USD$200+ (at 25 registrations) for the original session.

6. RON Lead Attendees will continue to receive the residual payment for RON Recorded sessions – this will extend for the life of the session and the life of the Trainer. Following the death of the Trainer the residual payment will cease and so will the session.

7. AUD$10 is the standard attendee fee for both RON Live and RON Recorded Conference participation and viewing they will also receive an ongoing residual payment for the life of any conference sessions.

8. Regrarians Ltd. reserves the exclusive right to remove content at any stage and for any reason.

9. Trainers agree to provide exclusive access to their RON sessions and associated materials provided to Regrarians Ltd. for a minimum of 1 (one) calendar year from the date of the respective session (s) listed.  Following this date trainers can withdraw this access at any stage with 30 (thirty) days written notice to Regrarians Ltd.

10. You have to have a PayPal account in order to participate in the RON program as the automated payment splitting plug-in only works with PayPal accounts.

11. The RON fee distribution model creates both active and passive funding to Trainers & Regrarians Ltd.

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