Webinar – REX10 WK7 – Site Analysis

Webinar – REX10 WK7 – Site Analysis


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REX 10 Week Online Farm Planning Program – Week 7

Understanding the ecosystem processes of your landscape and how these interact with the built elements are critical to building an effective farm plan.

Using your farm map as a base and applying some simple and yet effective site analysis techniques will help you now and into the future as monitoring landscape function is a key component of holistic land management.

We’ll introduce you to the brilliant ‘Bullseye!’ monitoring methodology that our original Holistic Management Certified Educator (HMCE) Kirk Gadzia co-authored.

Also to the great work of another experienced HMCE and Regrarians Ltd. associate/mentor in Graeme Hand, who will help you understand landscape function better and is a co-facilitator at this module’s webinar.


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