Webinar – 2. Geography – Concept Planning of McIvor Farm

Webinar – 2. Geography – Concept Planning of McIvor Farm


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McIvor Farm, Tooborac, Victoria, Australia (200ha) — 5.5 hour session (!!) — click here

Layers addressed: 
• #2Geography – Keyline geography analysis, land elements, catchment analysis
• #3Water – 8ML dam design & cross section, animal water polypipe placement, water conservation channels
• #4Access – Ridge & gradient road placement
• #5Forestry – Strip, riparian, avenue trees
• #7Fencing –  Keyline geometry, equidistant & avenue electric fencing

McIvor Farm in Tooborac is the world’s best example of pastured pig production. Working closely with Regrarians since 2009, the Hagan family have progressively installed across 200ha (500ac) a ‘Keyline® Plan‘ that uses the best elements of that leading farm planning practice, whilst using the best technology and management tools available. The entire layout is plumbed with a network of 60mmØ and 40mmØ HDPE pipe connecting to portable KiwiTech polymer troughs. The access lane network mostly follows ridgelines with some roads placed to act as ‘gradient catchment roads’—increasing the catchment available to some of the water catchment dams. The fencing layout uses the highly flexible KiwiTech product from Aotearoa/New Zealand—with both its permanent and temporary electric fencing systems being used. Livestock are managed according to Holistic Management® Planned Grazing principles, with the Australian developed Maia Grazing app being used to assist with grazing management. 


The planning work featured in this (July 2017) webinar has now been installed on-site. 

Please find following a selection of orthophotography images that Jason Hagan (co-owner of McIvor Farm) captured in September of 2021 using their DJI Mavic Pro (2016 build) and that Regrarians processed using our DroneDeployDrones for Good‘ account:


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