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For the last 3 years we have been filming a documentary on the renowned Polyface Farm & it’s broad community of 5000 families within a 3 hour ‘Foodshed’ of this unique operation in Swoope, Virginia. This farm is a wonderful example of how to feed people & produce food without the use of harmful chemicals, whilst regenerating landscapes & soils, respecting animals & re-invigorating local communities.

Heinz Award winner, Joel Salatin was called the ‘most innovative farmer in the world’ by Time Magazine, stars in the Oscar-nominated Food Inc., along with Michael Pollan’s best selling ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma‘  and is seen as an inspiration to many thousands of farmers around the world. Joel also recently spoke at the UK Parliament on regenerative farming practices, and is the author of 8 books about his techniques.

  • Did you know that agriculture is the most damaging industry on the planet?  
  • With our food system in desperate need of a reboot, we wanted to make a film that is a positive example of how you can farm and feed thousands of people in your community.  
  • Obesity and diabetes are sky rocketing all around the globe and food allergies have become the norm. What if eating fresh, locally farmed produce could not only make us healthier, reinvigorate landscapes & local economies whilst helping save the planet? 

Please take 9 minutes out of your busy day to watch our trailer, “Polyfaces“. We are at the final stages of a 3 year shoot and are now well into the editing stage.

When you watch the trailer you will see that we have placed a very high importance on the wisdom of women, who are an integral part of the whole Polyface Farms community.

We are pitching this production to the everyday consumer, who we believe through their daily choices can change the face of agriculture for the better!

If you would consider passing this on to anyone you feel may be interested in supporting our project, that would be fabulous.


“Wow, wow, and wow.  As Daniel leaned over my shoulder watching this for the first time, he said: ‘This will go down as the best piece ever done on us’  I agree. It just shows that you have to understand the material and then you have to put in time.  You can’t short cut quality; you have to get familiar with the topic. I can’t think of enough superlatives to laud onto this trailer. The story is compelling; the cinematography is gorgeous; the editing is outrageously fantastic. How could we ever express our appreciation for how you guys have captured our ministry? You hit the ball clear out of the park.” Joel Salatin

“This could very well be the best piece that has ever been done on us ever.  I mean that.  The time lapses, the many interviews, the close-up how to shots, the kids.  It could be the next big one.” Daniel Salatin

“Polyface is proof that people can sometimes do more for the health of a place by cultivating it rather than leaving it alone.” Michael Pollan

“Lisa, I just watched the trailer. I’ve got one word for you: STUNNING, SIMPLY STUNNING! OK, that’s three words. Really powerful stuff. From a viscerally emotive standpoint, the best I’ve seen. This could change things.” Richard Morris

“Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to be able to tell folks about this!!!!!!! It’s going to change the world!!” Wendy Gray


Will you please join with us in being part of the solution?

This film is produced by Lisa Heenan and Isaebella Doherty of Regrarians Ltd. (Australia). Regrarians Ltd. is an Australian-based non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to the regenerative enhancement of the biosphere’s ecosystem processes. It does so through delivering world-class education, media, advocacy & extension to farmers & consumers across the world, having had nearly 15,000 people attend its events since 2007.

All proceeds from this production are to be directed towards the continued promotion of this film and to the production of other media that supports the Regrarians objectives. 

We would like to acknowledge any financial support we receive with an appropriate amount of exposure for our donor. We are happy to discuss this with individual donors. We are planning on featuring any donation of over $5,000 with a photo of the donor and a thank you at the end of our documentary.


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    1. Darren Doherty Post author

      Thanks G, as this Regrarians Ltd. is brand new and still being commissioned we hadn’t got this done when you checked in. That’s all changed now so you can donate away! Thanks very much for wanting to be involved and all the best for the year ahead.
      Cheers, Darren Doherty