Off the Contour #28 – DJD COVID-19 Statement

Off the Contour #28 – DJD COVID-19 Statement

Darren J. Doherty, COVID-19 Statement

I believe very strongly that an individual’s private medical choices and history are just that (i.e. PRIVATE). However given the peculiar circumstances I regularly face and invitations I continue to receive, I want to make my own COVID-19 related genetic/synthetic biology therapy status public.

Having been professionally engaged in the organics/biodynamics/ecological agriculture industry since 1988, it may come as no surprise to anyone that I have been opposed to all forms of laboratory-based genetic modification and therapies for that entire period. I am also a member of the GeneEthics (AU) organisation and have supported Bob Phelps’ (its founder) work for decades.

My opposition to these modifications and ‘therapies’ is something that I don’t see changing as I have not seen yet an instance where these modifications or ‘therapies’ are at all consistent with my private Holistic Context, over three decades of work and life, nor my spiritual beliefs.

Accordingly I have not subjected myself to any of the available genetic/synthetic biology therapies developed to treat COVID-19 and have no intention of changing this policy.

“There‘s no place on earth l want to go
Home is where the heart forgives l know
And there’s no place on earth l need to see
I’m at ease with my mortality”

~ Opening verse from ‘No Placebo‘, by Peter Garrett, ‘A Version of Now‘, 2016

In spite of this verse, I still yearn to get to places I have not been and continually get invited to go to. However when considering inviting me to lead an in-person training or other engagement, be it a private consultation or seminar or course, please understand these circumstances and that I have no intention of changing this stance.

Please also understand that I strongly believe in the right of individuals to make their own personal choices over the treatments they apply to their own bodies.

The implications of my making this personal choice run counter to the travel and access options available in many jurisdictions and by corporations and other enterprises. They also run counter to the views of many people and policies of many governments and I anticipate that I will be subjected to various sanctions as a result—Es la Vida

“…forgive us our lack of discrimination, as we forgive those who discriminate against us…”

~ DJD, 2020

Regardless of your own choices good luck and Sláinte Mhaith!

Darren J. Doherty,
March 6th, 2022

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