Private Onsite Farm Planning Conventions

With our enduring policy of transparency & real value we tailor our pricing for our ‘Onsite Farm Planning Conventions’ to fit your enterprises circumstances & what we see you need right now & no more. If you want more then we are happy to help however we want you to use us to get you started and that you take over from there.

We’ve completed nearly 2000 private ‘Onsite Farm Planning Conventions’ in close to 50 countries on every inhabited continent and in every climate of the world since 1993. These projects range enormously in enterprise and activity according to the respective goals & capabilities of enterprises. Typically people will want a more efficient layout that enhances site deficiencies & improves enterprise productivity. We follow our unique & respected ‘Regrarians Platform’ process, ensuring that all aspects of an operation are considered.

The farm plans we develop together at these ‘Onsite Farm Planning Conventions’ are simple & easy to follow and implement — mainly because you’re involved in their development. We’ve used MapInfo Professional® since 1996 & in conjunction with straightforward, ‘cut to the chase’ reporting, you can choose to have a design that is tailored to your plan convention budget and aspirations.

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Site visits

We conduct “in and out”,  ‘Onsite Farm Planning Conventions’ — these are a cost-effective means to determine key outcomes that will take you & your property forward. Perhaps you have a situation that needs an experienced eye or you want to have a review of how your operation can become more productive & get that bit closer to your goals.

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Succession Planning

This is an issue that is very close to our hearts and minds, having ourselves been effected by poor succession decisions. Our inclusive, participatory, family-friendly, private convention-based approach to help you work out what will help generations of your family on your land is what any landscape and community needs in order for us to really develop and maintain a truly regenerative culture.

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Regrarians ONline (RON) Conference Sessions


Thanks to the great efforts of HUMA Design’s Smilyan Pavlov we’re pleased to announce that the full service Regrarians ONline Conference or ‘RON’ platform for training, liaison and consultancy is now in beta mode.

We think we have a designed a very unique model in the RON experience with the following features:

A mix of free and very low cost online training sessions that range in price from $5-10/session (60-90mins)

Regrarians Online Professional Development (ROP) – join us to complete well over 200 individual professional development modules following the Regrarians Platform (RP) from start to finish

Peer2Peer Training – use RON to engage in specific task work and workshops to share skills and broker findings

Biz2Biz – leading practitioners leading other practitioners in professional development sessions and programs

RON Payment Splitting – enables “hands-free” and highly transparent accounting to show all how payments are split

RON Trainers will receive a pro-rata payment for sessions they deliver AND they will also receive an ongoing residual payment for the life of any sessions as long as they live*

We are looking at the RON platform as being a successful means by which the Regrarians Ltd. non-profit can be funded, particularly by paid views of RON Recorded sessions. We need to generate a funding base that allows us to keep our prices low and for keeping our quality high.


For a listing of the upcoming RON Live sessions click here

For the RON Recorded catalogue click here

Ongoing support

We believe that we are successful when we are obsolete, however we understand of course that for some the course they’re on is going to need a bit of an extended hand and ear. Regrarians Ltd. are available to continue the conversation beyond the delivery of our original services. Sometimes a quick call, email or RON session is all that is needed and otherwise we provide ongoing consultancy and design services along with extended specialist education and product support.

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RON Trainer Package

Did you Know?

  • Any registration fees provided for your attendance at any Regrarians Ltd. Convention are a DONATION to Regrarians Ltd. The proceeds of these donations are paid to the respective Regrarians Ltd. Convention Host, Caterers and other local suppliers — and to cover Regrarians Ltd. expenses incidental to its Directors’ (and family’s) attendance (flights, travel, telephony, board and lodging only)
  • Any remaining donation funds remaining are directed to support Regrarians Ltd. international outreach in fulfilling its ‘Statement of Purpose‘ — support of the Regrarians Ltd. non-profit means paying for its office, research & media; supporting its volunteers’ board and lodging; providing attendee scholarships and support to its conventions; membership fees and registrations.
  • Regrarians Ltd. Directors are volunteers and do not receive private payment (s) for their attendance at any international conventions outside of Australia and New Zealand. Doing so would contravene the foreign travel regulations of most countries.