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The Most Affordable & Comprehensive Online Farm Planning Package

Since our first online REX® program in 2017, over 2000 people from all over the world have used this unique package to support them to improve their lives, their businesses and their land management. 

“…the community of like-minded people that has been created during the REX® has made it truly special and we’re hopeful will lead to many long-term friendships as we all journey towards a common goal of regenerative enterprise…” ~ Lisa & Peter Kalokerinos, Bankers turned Farmers, Kapsali Farm, NSW, AU

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The REX is only available to Regrarians Planner Members, meaning that the cost (USD$95/month) of the program is spread out over a whole year while providing the following range of benefits:

Hosted within the highly integrated and intuitive Regrarians Workplace, your participation in the REX is supported by 1000’s of Regrarians alumni and professional associates who are members of this diverse digital platform. 

“…If the PDC is elementary school, then the REX® is a college degree. Aside from education and mentorship, you also get access to a network of people all over the globe who work with very different contexts toward a common purpose. The Regrarians Platform® and Regrarians Workplace are a treasure, and the most important and most valuable social network focused on regenerative agricultures on the planet…” ~ Neal Spackman, Regenerative Resources Co., USA


STARTING IN MAY 2024 — the 12th REX® Online Farm Planning Program

REX Online #12 • 20/21 MAY 2024 – 13 SEPTEMBER 2024 Finish

There are three live sessions each week: the webinar and two (2) Q&A sessions. The dates that appear below are for the different time international time zones — e.g. APR 29/30 means that the Live 1 session of that week would be on Monday the 20th of MAY 2024 in Africa/Eurasia/Americas and on Tuesday the 21th of APRIL 2024 on the other side of the International Date Line in places such as Asia/Oceania.

We use the Zoom platform to run all of the three (3) sessions each week, one (1) webinar and two (2) Q&A sessions. When you register for these sessions the Zoom platform will automatically provide you with notifications for when these sessions are held and in your time zone.

If you do miss any of these sessions then don’t worry as we record each and every webinar and make them available in the Regrarians Workplace (with multi-language captions) YouTube and as a podcast an hour or so after the live session has been completed. Each Q&A session is also edited to contain each question and then uploaded with multi-language captions in the Regrarians Workplace. We have done this for the 10 previous online REX programs and so you have access to over 1100 hours of categorised recordings.

All of the dialogue and liaisons within the REX course is hosted in the Regrarians Workplace, our 5,000+ member professional development platform where you have access to people who are at different stages of their projects along with many of the world’s leading practitioners, consultants and trainers.



  • 20/21 MAY 2024 – 1.1 – WEBINAR
  • 23 MAY 2024 – 1.2 – Q&A
  • 23/24 MAY 2024 – 1.3 – Q&A

Since it was incepted in 2012 the Regrarians Platform® (‘RP’) has provided people around the world with a planning process that is holistic, inclusive and thorough. Its 10 layers are adapted from the 8 factor ’Keyline® Scale of Permanence’ that the renowned P.A. Yeomans outlined in 1958 and forms the basis to all of Regrarians Ltd. trainings, farm planning consultancies and media outreach.

A RP farm plan is not just a design on a map — its a detailed and holistic process that brings together the contexts of an individual, their family, their team and their community with that of the climate and the landscape and region they’re operating in.

1•CLIMATE LAYER – Holistic decision making, anthropological context (culture, regulations, risk), and biospheric climate (weather patterns, temperature, precipitation, wind etc.)


  • 27/28 MAY 2024 – 2.1 – WEBINAR
  • 30 MAY 2024 – 2.2 – Q&A
  • 30/31 MAY 2024 – 2.3 – Q&A

“…If you’re not designing your life then someone else is…”

Javan K. Bernakevitch

Striking words from Javan, words that hit the chord of how important it is to establish what Regrarians’ founder, Darren J. Doherty, calls the ‘climate of mind’. The Holistic Context is a potent framework for refining what is truly important in you, your family’s and your teams lives and how that is expressed in the enterprises you work on and the landscapes and communities you work in.

A RP farm plan is not just a design on a map — its a detailed and holistic process that brings together the contexts of an individual, their family, their team and their community with that of the climate and the landscape and region they’re operating in.

1•CLIMATE LAYER – Holistic decision making, anthropological context (culture, regulations, risk), and biospheric climate (weather patterns, temperature, precipitation, wind etc.)


  • 3/4 JUNE 2024 – 3.1 – WEBINAR
  • 6 JUNE 2024 – 3.2 – Q&A
  • 6/7 JUNE 2024 – 3.3 – Q&A

The development of a Holistic Context is a critical part of the pathway to creating an achievable farm plan. Within the Regrarians Platform it becomes the benchmark against which all land management and enterprise decisions are made. Develop the understanding about what you really stand for, what makes you and your family (and team) happy, how you can work most productively and how you can build a foundation of landscape, enterprise and community wealth.

1•CLIMATE – Holistic decision making, anthropological context (culture, regulations, risk), and biospheric climate (weather patterns, temperature, precipitation, wind etc.)


  • 10/11 JUNE 2024 – 4.1 – WEBINAR
  • 13 JUNE 2024 – 4.2 – Q&A
  • 13/14 JUNE 2024 – 4.3 – Q&A

The advent of the free Google Earth Pro software has been a boon for land managers the world over — its become a ‘universal translator’ of sorts between all manner of more sophisticated and expensive software and has democratised the power or geography. Learning how to use it effectively and understanding its limits are important steps in building a farm plan. Its also important to set up your Google Earth folders from the start and Regrarians Platform layers are the natural order of these folders.

2•GEOGRAPHY LAYER – Landform/Keyline® geography/geometry, demography, geology, landscape capability, mapping (topographical, aerial, surveying)


  • 17/18 JUNE 2024 – 5.1 .1– WEBINAR #1
  • 18/19 JUNE 2024 – 5.1.2– WEBINAR #2
  • 20/21 JUNE 2024 – 5.3 – Q&A

A primary step in the Regrarians approach to farm planning is to use Keyline® Geographic Analysis to understanding the principal landscape elements. Once established these elements inform the placement of most of the design features that make up the Development layers of the Regrarians Platform. Using the Keyline Geographic Analysis is at once liberating and powerful as the landscape ‘speaks to you’ (P.A. Yeomans), ‘telling’ you where to put different elements such as water, road, tree, building and fencing systems.

2•GEOGRAPHY – Landform/Keyline® geography/geometry, demography, geology, landscape capability, mapping (topographical, aerial, surveying)


  • 24/25 JUNE 2024 – 6.1 – WEBINAR
  • 27 JUNE 2024 – 6.2 – Q&A
  • 27/28 JUNE 2024 – 6.3 – Q&A

Understanding the ecosystem processes of your landscape and how these interact with the built elements are critical to building an effective farm plan. Using your farm map as a base and applying some simple and yet effective site analysis techniques will help you now and into the future as monitoring landscape function is a key component of holistic land management. We’ll introduce you to the brilliant ‘Bullseye!’ monitoring methodology that our original Holistic Management® Certified Educator (HMCE) Kirk Gadzia co-authored. Also to the great work of another experienced HMCE and Regrarians Ltd. associate/mentor in Graeme Hand, which will help you understand landscape function better.

2•GEOGRAPHY LAYER – Landform/Keyline® geography/geometry, demography, geology, landscape capability, mapping (topographical, aerial, surveying)


  • 1/2 JULY 2024 – 7.1.1 – WEBINAR #1
  • 2/3 JULY 2024 – 7.1.2 – WEBINAR #2
  • 4/5 JULY 2024 – 7.3 – Q&A

“…Water is the principle planning medium. Water comes before roads and fences and everything. If you get the water right, you get the roads right and you plant the trees in the right place, and no-one does that…”

– P.A. Yeomans, 1979, ‘Nationwide’, ABC TV (AU)

The development of the water layer starts with understanding what sources of water are available, their quality and quantity. Also taking stock of existing water storage, distribution, treatment and delivery infrastructure, while strategising and then planning any expansion or further development to provide for future needs. 

3•WATER LAYER – Rehydration of the land for humans, their enterprises and the ecosystem (harvesting, storage, reticulation, effluent treatment)


  • 8/9 JULY 2024 – 8.1 – WEBINAR
  • 11 JULY 2024 – 8.2 – Q&A
  • 11/12 JULY 2024 – 8.3 – Q&A

Most people have trouble getting the Access layer right, whether on the largest or smallest scale. We define these arteries of movement and their engineering with the assistance of integrated analysis and planning of the 2•Geography, 3•Water, 5•Forestry, 6•Buildings, 7•Fencing and 10•Energy layers. 

4•ACCESS LAYER – Access for people, vehicles (paths, tracks, roads) and utilities (electricity, telephony, services)


  • 15/16 JULY 2024– 9.1 – WEBINAR
  • 18 JULY 2024 – 9.2 – Q&A
  • 18/19 JULY 2024 – 9.3 – Q&A

Agroecological systems vary greatly—a myriad of natural and created forms. Nearly all economic landscapes are part of forest complexes and in the Regrarians Platform, the integration of all forms of biota, particularly those of which have an enterprise based upon them. 

5•ECOSYSTEMS LAYER – The overall agroecology (flora, fauna, fungi, algae & bacteria) including livestock, crops and forestry and the integration of these elements.


  • 22/23 JULY 2024 – 10.1 – WEBINAR
  • 25 JULY 2024– 10.2 – Q&A
  • 25/26 JULY 2024 – 10.3 – Q&A

Buildings are often expensive pieces of infrastructure that require detailed planning and engineering, along with high levels of consideration as to their end uses. In the Regrarians Platform®, the integrated placement of these structures is very much determined by the five layers above it.

6•BUILDINGS LAYER – The design, placement and construction of living spaces, agricultural buildings and portable infrastructure


  • 29/30 JULY 2024 – 11.1 – WEBINAR
  • 1 AUGUST 2024 – 11.2 – Q&A
  • 1/2 AUGUST 2024 – 11.3 – Q&A

The placement of Fencing as relatively fixed infrastructure is a hallmark of our domestication of many species, particularly livestock (and humans!). Traditional systems are expensive to build and apply. The advent of electric fencing revolutionised our ability to manage landscapes, allowing us to follow topographic patterns and natural animal behaviours.

7•FENCING LAYER – The design, placement and construction of fences (perimeter, yards, laneways, subdivision, temporary, electric, living & shepherdry)


  • 5/6 AUGUST 2024 – 12.1 – WEBINAR
  • 8 AUGUST 2024 – 12.2 – Q&A
  • 8/9 AUGUST 2024 – 12.3 – Q&A

Soils are the foundation of life and therefore an important focus; we need to take care of the whole to support its foundation. Regrarians’ focus on determining the most cost-effective treatments to regenerate soil from the many that exist.

8•SOILS LAYER – Everything to do with soils – types, tests (geotechnic/agronomic) and the most cost effective treatments with which to regenerate soils


  • 2/3 SEPTEMBER 2024 – 13.1 – WEBINAR
  • 55 SEPTEMBER 2024 – 13.2 – Q&A
  • 5/6 SEPTEMBER 2024 – 13.3 – Q&A

The economy layer is driven by our analysis of the previous layers, particularly 1•Climate and 2•Geography. This analysis and our consequent planning focuses on driving the economic engine of the various capital flows (Soloviev, E & Landau, G 2008, pers. comm.) that, like soils, are fragile and form the basis of the regeneration of the whole.

9•ECONOMY LAYER – Analysis, strategy and planning of the various capital flows.


  • 9/10 SEPTEMBER 2024  – 14.1 – WEBINAR
  • 12 SEPTEMBER 2024 – 14.2 – Q&A
  • 12/13 SEPTEMBER 2024 – 14.3 – Q&A — 12th REX Online Course Ends

Energy is vital to fuelling all of the elements that drive any system. We therefore focus on organising energy generation & storage systems that regenerate rather than atrophy—bearing in mind their cost-benefit in a rapidly evolving field.

10•ENERGY – The generation and storage of energy (photosynthesis, fuel, electricity); machinery/implements; human and livestock nutrition


What farm scale is suited to a REX program?

Land Managers operating on projects of between 1 acre (0.4ha) and 400,000 acres (160,000ha) have participated in past REX online farm planning programs. Regrarians broader clientele have included projects of between 100m2 and up to 2.5 million acres (1 million hectares) and so if you are looking to develop a land or farm management plan (or learn how to!) then the REX is for you and your team.  

Who leads the REX program delivery?

Since 1993, Regrarians’ principal farm planner and REX program leader, Darren J. Doherty (1967-), has worked on well over 3000 different scale and scope projects in more than 50 countries on each of the inhabited continents and all climate types. With the advent of both the onsite and online REX programs, Darren’s involvement has grown to include many 1000’s of projects in over 80 countries. 

Many of these clients and the broader alumni of Regrarians are members of the Regrarians Workplace and actively contribute to the support of new (and past) REX participants. 

Regrarians’ resident polymath, design/mapping genius and Regrarians Handbook co-author, Georgi Pavlov (1989-), has built a considerable reputation for the world-leading quality of his design work and knowledge across the disciplines and for his fantastic support of REX participants and Regrarians members. Georgi has also designed, developed and produced the industry leading QGIS for Mapping & Design, QGIS for Forestry & Cultivation, Google Earth for Mapping & Design and Earthworks Grading online courses.

Who participates in the REX? 

Most of those who join the REX have agricultural land that they are working on or are planning to work on. Many of these folks live on these landscapes with their families. Others manage these landscapes on behalf of private owners, non-profits, corporations or government. The other category of REX participants are those who are professional advisors—agronomists, agricultural and civil engineers & land planners. As the ‘consultants of consultants’, Regrarians and its trainings have long been a ‘go-to’ for all manner of professionals who are looking to learn from our team and of our processes. If there was a ‘Who’s Who’ of Regenerative Agriculture then many of those listed would have done training or worked with Regrarians.

What language is the REX delivered in? 

English is the primary language used for the REX webinars. All webinars are delivered using Zoom and live captioning in your choice is available during these sessions. The recordings which are uploaded to the Regrarians Workplace have subtitles in English, Español, Français, Italiano and Português

The Regrarians Workplace platform has automated translation for 109 of the world’s languages—this is great because, for example, we can host simultaneous conversations between land managers in Somaliland, Brasil, Australia, India and Russia about their operations—all in their own language and in real time.

How much time is required to complete a REX program?

There are three x 2 hour live webinars each week — the first is a live training webinar and the other two are live Q&A’s. The scheduling of the live Q&A’s is such that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you will be able to attend. These are all recorded and made available within hours in the Regrarians Workplace. At the completion of each training webinar we issue ‘task work’ for that week. The completion of that task work and the dialogue following its review might take 1-5 hours per week. 

We edit each of the Q&A sessions so that individual questions are singled out as segments. These segments are then assigned a Regrarians Platform® layer and topic making them very easy to catalogue and find in the Regrarians Workplace Knowledge Library. 

We provide access to two REX programs within a membership period as we recognise that many participants can’t find the time to do all of the task work required to create their professional farm plan. 

We work with people to prioritise what is important to them now. Accordingly some people might focus on developing their Holistic Context, 3•Water and 7•Fencing layers in their first REX and then in their 2nd REX they might focus on the 5•Forestry, 8•Soils and 9•Economy layers.

In between the REX programs you will continue to have full access to the Regrarians Workplace and the amazing support it offers.

When are the next REX program’s scheduled?

~ REX Online #12 • TBA – Likely to be starting in November 2023

What is the Regrarians Monthly Commission and Affiliate Program about?

Regrarians is active in building the collective bandwidth of the agroecological movement and the program participation of our own and others along with instigating a more reciprocal economy within the Regrarians Workplace. After about 5 years of trying we can now provide automated trailing monthly commissions to people and organisations who recommend our memberships to those who become new members. 

  • In other words, if you recommend someone to become a Planner member then you will now get a monthly commission of USD$19/month for as long as that member pays that membership fee.
  • If you were able to get 5 new Planner members then that would cover your own Planner membership fee!
  • If you or your organisation are interested then we are offering a flat 20% commission on the Planner memberships.
  • Our program only works if you or your organisation has a Business PayPal account.

We are looking to expand the affiliate offering beyond our memberships—however this is where we are going to start.

Is there a scholarship package available?

We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of scholarships to applicants anywhere across the world who would otherwise not be able to do this program with their own financial means.

What is the history of the REX program?

From 2007 the Heenan-Doherty family led a succession of world tours which introduced regenerative agriculture to many countries via a range of training programs—most of which were held on farms. This started with the ‘Soil, Water & Carbon for Every Farm’ tour in 2007, and then the Carbon Farming Course in 2008 and Carbon Economy Series in 2009. Late in 2009 Darren Doherty originated the ‘RegenAG’ brand and in 2011 ran the first ever course built around the ‘Regen10’—his interim branding for a concept that was branded from 2012 as the ‘Regrarians Platform’.

This first REX course was run at the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex in England in 2011 as a 7 day program. The next one was run in 2014 in a shearing shed on a farm here in central Victoria as a 10 day program. In 2016 we ran 12 x 10 day REX programs across the world, consolidating this program and providing the basis for the online REX programs that we have run since 2017.

When we returned home from the 2016 world tour we became the full-time, in-home carers of Lisa Heenan’s beautiful mother Pearl. This led us to offering the REX online program over 10 weeks—our first longitudinal online course. Pearl passed on in 2018 in her own bed in the home she bought in 1968 (off of Darren’s uncle!) in the arms of her daughters.

Our caring duties being completed we then set off for the 2019 REXi world tour. This time the offering was an integrated online course hosted on the Regrarians Workplace along with a 4 day onsite course where across 6 venues participants worked on the development of their own farm plans while continuing to engage in further training over a year.

In 2018 we changed the online REX program to being 13 weeks long to better accommodate the 10 layers of the Regrarians Platform and the time that participants needed to develop their farm plans. This coincided with us starting the Regrarians Planner membership program—a 12 month membership that spread the cost of the course and provided members with access to at least 2 REX programs in their membership year. In 2021 the 8th online REX course added another week in response to the feedback of participants who needed that extra bit of time to complete their plans and to have a full week dedicated to explaining ‘The Keyline® Plan’