Thank you!

Thank you very much for becoming a Regrarians member! We are excited to have you here and to work together with you!

What’s next?

  • Within 2 business days, you will receive the Regrarians Workplace invitation to your email address. Follow the instructions included in that email to create your account.
  • Your account will be automatically added to any of the respective groups that you have purchased access to.
  • There is an orientation post for each of the membership levels that you should head to first as this lists all of the links you are entitled as part of that package:

  • If you have placed a pre-order for one of our online courses then we will notify you once the program has been released. In the meantime, please accept your Regrarians Workplace invitation so that you can be notified of these announcements and have access to the content once it’s available.

Workplace Orientation

Here is a mindmap that provides a broad overview of the Workplace. Notice the hyperlink icon to the right of items. If you click on that it will send you to that respective group if you have access to it. Some items are denoted with “P”, “F” or “P/F”. These stand for Planner, Foundation and Planner/Foundation only-access respectively.


If at any point you need assistance, please reach out to Darren J. Doherty or Georgi Pavlov by tagging us in a post or using the Regrarians Workplace chat. Or write us an email at