Having worked on thousands of projects across every inhabited continent, Regrarians Ltd. has established a reputation as the world’s leading farm planning company. 

Right now however the Regrarians team are not taking on any new farm planning clients so we can concentrate on the Regrarians Handbook completion and serving the Regrarians membership. We do have recommend that people take up the option to do the REX® 13 Week Farm Planning Program by signing up as a Regrarians ‘Planner‘ level member so that they get full access to the renowned REX® program. Taking this option will save you many $1000’s that you can put towards developing the plan that we help you create during a REX.

We also prefer this way. Farm plans really should be developed by farmers and we prefer our role to be to guide and support this process rather than have people spend a lot of money that we’d rather they spent on changing management practices and installing infrastructure that will support that change in management.

The Regrarians Works Pattern is up to a 17 step process that has been perfected over our 28 years in the Regenerative Agriculture & Living industry. We follow this process depending on your critical & self-determined needs. We have a complete set of forms and workflows available for you to fill in and follow if you choose to work with us.

Please find following a summary of all of the Regrarians Works Pattern steps.

1. Proposal
Before contacting us, please read carefully through our Trading Conditions. and then write to us about your project and desired outcomes. We will respond with a project proposal (phased, if necessary). If you agree with our proposal, we can then proceed with the next steps within our working pattern.

2. Join the Regrarians Workplace
All farm planning liaisons must be members of the Regrarians Workplace in order to contract us for this service. With email being invented in the 1970’s — whilst still useful — it is completely inferior to our highly integrated Regrarians Workplace platform. We have spent over 4 years developing the Regrarians Workplace platform to meet the needs of the community of people we liaise with. As a small team we are always working to be as efficient and effective as possible in serving the widest possible number of people — the Regrarians Workplace is our primary tool to achieve this context and any variations from this only diminishes our core capacity. 

3. Holistic Context – 2+ hours
A. Obtain a copy of the 1. Climate chapter of the Regrarians eHandbook,
B. Read sections 1.09—1.11 (pp.25-29) and
C. Complete the 1. Climate checklist (Appendix 3 pp.68-70).
D. Consider using the excellent resources on Holistic Context development available through our friends at the Savory Institute.

4. Property Boundary
Create a project area outline for us in Google Earth and send it as a .kmz file. Please see this video.

5. Online Meeting – Online – 1-2 hours
Through our interactive (and recordable) Regrarians Online (RON) 
service we often have a discussion around key issues/needs ahead of any farm visit. RON is also a stand-alone service through which we deliver training and support. 

6. Map Production – Desktop – 1-3+ hours
If you provide us with the necessary data, our analytics team will develop and print out all of the maps necessary ahead of the site visit and analysis.

7. Regrarians Mapping – Farm/Online/Desktop – 1-3+ days
Use your own UAV to map your property (anywhere) and we will process the imagery and maps for you. Alternatively, have Regrarians do the flying for you (within Australia only). You can see our mapping prices and process here. 

8. Regrarians Platform Checklist – Farm – 2-5+ hours
Check through the 10 layers of this renowned platform to cover most elements/issues on any farm.

9. Farm Walk-n-Talk and Site Analysis – Farm – 2-5+ hours
Walk, drive, or ride over the property, generating how-to’s, troubleshooting and suggestions for various themes of development and management. Following our direction, you can also use video and apps like GPS Kit to complete your own site analysis. 

10. Regrarians Platform® Concept Planning
Farm – 2-4+ hours – Sketching of broad concepts for development and designation of broad landscape/management treatment options and processes.

11. Feedback – Online/Desktop – 1-3+ days
Using the Regrarians Workplace platform we will engage in feedback 

12. Regrarians Platform® Technical Design – Desktop – 4-15+ hours
Detailed technical plans and construction drafts developed to varying levels of details according to client expectations and budget.

13. Regrarians Platform® Reports – Desktop – 10-15+ hours
Short and long reports that outline the unique features of the project that you are undertaking the development and management of.

14. Regrarians Platform® BOQ – Desktop – 10-15+ hours 
‘Bills of Quantity’ (BOQ) production that provides estimates to design development dimensions, materials & costs.

15. Feedback – Online/Desktop – 1-3+ days
Using the Regrarians Workplace platform we will engage in feedback with the clients around any Regrarians Platform® detail plans, reports, and BOQ. 

16. Visualization – Desktop – 10-15+ hours
The Regrarians art team can produce realistic renders for marketing and to also help you interpret the future look of the property where these plans have been installed. 
 You can find our prices and process here.

17. Follow up – Online/Farm – Ongoing –
Using the Regrarians Workplace platform we’re readily available to our liaisons for calls & RON meetings/training, P2P & B2B sessions or follow up, mapping, design, technical assistance, and supervision work on a pro rata basis.


Land Planning & Consulting

  • USD$1500 / day (AUD in Australia & New Zealand only) — in all other countries Regrarians Ltd. Directors organize design and planning conventions which are levied by donation only — see Regrarians Trading Conditions for more details.


  • Flights, hire car and fuel are charged at cost and split between liaisons
  • Time spent in transit will be charged at AUD$66 / hour (i.e. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, etc. AND split between convention hosts and liaisons when on a tour)

Regrarians Workplace members have discounts available for some of the items listed in the Regrarians Works Pattern above.


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