Measured Irrigation

Measured Irrigation – from Dr. Bernie Omodei

Over the last few years we have been fascinated to see the many innovative, low-tech irrigation, low-cost controllers and systems that South Australian Engineer Dr. Bernie Omodei has invented and made available. All of Dr. Omodei’s irrigation control units use low-tech and widely available materials and devices. He also provides DIY instructions for some of his units. Perhaps the strongest theme of his devices are that they work with (typically low pressure) gravity fed water supplies and the water usage rates they control is directly proportional to the net evaporation rate (i.e. evaporation minus rainfall)—and the changes in canopy cover (shade) or positioning of the measured irrigation control units will dynamically adjust the irrigation provided (e.g. inside greenhouses/polytunnels). Dr. Omodei’s valve’s work in concert with rainwater tanks or other gravity water storages—another reason why we recommend their consideration for both small holders and for commercial market gardeners. 

DIY Guides:

DIY Unpowered Terracotta Valve – VideoDownload

DIY Unpowered Evaporative Valve Kit – VideoDownload

Product Range:

Unpowered Wicking Bed Controller – BUYVideo – Operating Manual Download

Unpowered Wicking Valve – BUYVideo – Operating Manual Download

Unpowered Terracotta Valve – BUYVideo – Operating Manual Download

Unpowered Evaporative Valve – BUY – Operating Manual Download

Terracotta Irrigation Controller – BUY – Operating Manual Download

Terracotta Irrigation Controller for Latching Solonoids – BUY – Operating Manual Download

50mm Unpowered Gravity-Feed Smart Irrigation Valve – BUY – Operating Manual Download

Bottomless Rainwater Tank Attachment – BUYVideo

Automation Kit for Farm Pond Irrigation – BUY – Operating Manual Download

Full Product Range

Manuals & Reports:

Measured Irrigation Training Manual for Smallholders – VideoDownload

Unpowered uniform drip irrigation on sloping land – Download

Evapotranspiration and Measured Irrigation: Report for Smart Approved Watermark – Download


Regrarians Ltd. recommendation of Measured Irrigation products is completely voluntary and without any compensation from Dr. Bernie Omodei or his company. After Regrarians Ltd. had purchased some of these items and started recommending them to others, Dr. Omodei asked if we could promote his work on the Regrarians website.