Regrarians Ltd. delivers and organises and works with local and international hosts, elite conventions the world over and now online through Regrarians® Workplace membership. We are always looking out for the latest most effective methods and trainers so you can get on with the job of doing what you can to regenerate your enterprise, family, landscape and community.

Convention descriptions – RAZ vs RAP & ROC vs REX and the REXi?

  • Our Regrarians Seminars have a lot of zing and are short so they are called the #RAZ. Based on our renowned ‘Regrarians Platform’ and lasting from 18 minutes to 2 hours, this punchy and interactive show has got many a crowd on the regeneration pathway.
  • The Regrarians Open Convention, or #ROC is a 2 day event that focusses on one site and provides both the host and attendees the opportunity to participate in a real Regrarians consultancy following the Regrarians Platform. This is one of our most popular conventions and we’ve completed over 30 ROC’s across the planet since the first private event in Spain in 2009.
  • The Regrarians 10 day Open Convention, or #REX10day is a 10 day, day to a factor,  ‘cut to the chase’ experience that is full of the practice and challenges attendees demand in order to really take things to the next step, using the host’s property as an open and real case study to design following the Regrarians Platform process.
  • The 13 week Regrarians Online Farm Planning Course, or #REX13Week is our flagship program, running exclusively within the Regrarians® Workplace and for Regrarians Planner members. This program supports participants to generate their own farm plans following the Regrarians Platform process while enjoying 12 months of membership of the workplace. 
  • The 1 year + 4 day Regrarians Hybrid Farm Planning Course, or #REXi is our latest convention model, combining one year’s membership of the Regrarians Workplace with a 4 day onsite convention where participants engage in developing their own farm plans with a group of other farmers from their region. 
  • Regrarians Practical Convention’s or #RAP’s deliver in short, effective order a number of skills that people require in developing and managing their systems. Earthworks, Forestry establishment & management, Rural Skills, Water Harvesting, Pastured Poultry/Pigs/Sheep/Cattle, Ferrocement Tank Making, Farm Buildings, BioFertiliser and so much more are what we have on offer.

RON Online Conferences!

In March of 2013 the new Regrarians Ltd. ONline (‘#RON‘) conferences started. If you are a Regrarians Ltd. Host and you want to have a interactive conference where we can present plans and even share screens then this conferencing service will get you in the drivers seat to regenerating your place that much more effectively. For new Regrarians Ltd. attendees #RON conferences will open up a higher frequency of cost-effective and punchy learning experiences, and you can be anywhere in the world!! #RON will also engage other trainers and specialists to come onto these online conferences to increase their exposure and spread their proven knowledge and experience.

Extend on the detail of your Regrarians Ltd. Convention Design or get more information following a Regrarians Ltd. Convention, this service will be highly participatory in both its scope and its delivery so mark into your thoughts & plans how #RON can help regenerate your enterprise, family, landscape and community.

Reduce the cost and time of your learning by not paying for all of the travel, accommodations, meals etc. associated with analogue events. The #RON model requires a donation to Regrarians Ltd., however the business model of this service provides us with the ability to get you learning for a fraction of what you were before…

Want to know more?

  • Regrarians Hosts? The #RON Conference was first made available from March 2013. To book in a session please just enquire here or call us to arrange a time.

  • Missed out on an #RON Conference? Not a problem as all #RON Conference are recorded, categorised according to the Regrarians Platform, and made available to anyone at any time for the cost of attending the original #RON Conference.

  • Got ideas for #RON topics? Send us an enquiry with your ideas. We can then poll our audiences or you can get a few mates or colleagues to join in.

  • Want 1 on 1 learning? Again send us an enquiry and we’ll let you know what the cost will be for your special session (s).

Regrarians is proud to continue to lead our industry in the ways & means of delivery better quality service and more cost-effective learning systems. Furthermore #RON presents us with a great opportunity to serve Our Charter more effectively, reduce our energy footprint and best of all serve you that much better…

What’s involved & price

Most people will start off with a maybe seeing a #RAZ in person or online, attend a #ROC & then do a #REX13Week or #REXi if they want to get into the nitty-gritty. They’ll do a #RAP or 3 if you need some more hand’s on skills that give you muscle & mind memories to take you forward.

Attendees get to attend events where the value proposition is the highest priority. We aim to deliver great education in an environment that is respectful, catering for all learning levels & is nourished with great food & beverages that represent the best in local seasonal gastronomy.

We typically work with convention hosts where Regrarians Ltd. handles all of the ticketing through its online booking system, and the convention hosts organise catering and the venue.

The Regrarians Ltd. Terms & Conditions page clearly outlines the financial expectations that hosting a Regrarians’ director to be the lead attendee at a convention. Also check out the interactive Regrarians Ltd. EDU Budgets spreadsheet to build your convention hosting scenario.

Regrarians Ltd. Scholarships

The awarding of scholarships to attend Regrarians Ltd. conventions is designed to promote up & comers to get involved & make a start. We don’t means test these however only award scholarships to people who provide a great application that proves that:

1. They are going to apply the knowledge & skills gained &

2. They have already demonstrated that they are on their way to being involved in the Regenerative Agriculture & Living industry.

We keep the identity of our scholarship awardees anonymous unless they request otherwise.

All we expect in return is for scholarship awardees to complete a short journal that we then publish on this website (again anonymously)…

Refunds Policy

We understand that sometimes circumstances dictate that you are not able to attend after you’ve made and paid for your booking. We are happy to give you a full refund 14 days out from the date of any Regrarians Ltd. conventions’ minus a $25 administration fee. If you need to cancel your booking within 14 days then we are unable to provide a refund though you can use your payment towards a future Regrarians Ltd. convention.

Want to be a Regrarians Ltd. Host?

We invite people to become Regrarians Host, using their properties as real-life venues for our conventions. Download a copy of our Regrarians Ltd. Hosts & Trainers Handbook & see if this is for you. Otherwise the strategy for our convention/conference program can be summarized as follows:

  • Year 1 – #RAZ – free or donation-based 18 minute to 2 hour day/evening seminar to arouse public and media attention regarding the concepts of the Regrarians Platform

  • Year 1 – #ROC – 1-3 day convention outlining the broad concepts of Regrarians Platform cultivating a closer following of future, more detailed conventions or is enough for people already who are able to ‘join the dots’

  • Year 2 – #REXi – held over 4 days (and 1 year on the Regrarians Workplace) this convention helps participants create their own farm plans based around the Regrarians Platform process

  • Year 3-5 – #RAP – short 1-3 day practical convention delivered according to the specific needs, feedback & requests of previous attendees in the region.

  • Ongoing – #RON

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