Can I use the Regrarians® brand?

September 17, 2015

Re: Using the Regrarians® brand?

A number of people have been asking us over the last few years and we thought we should make it clear.

Regrarians® is a trademarked brand owned by Regrarians Ltd. founding director Darren J. Doherty. The use of the Regrarians® brand is forbidden where applied to any enterprise without the prior written permission of Darren J. Doherty

This may appear out of step with the ‘Regrarians Policy of Magnanimity’, however it needs to be clear that the Regrarians® brand and concept is all about quality and respect first and we are determined to prosecute that course.

We are delighted that people have started to describe themselves and others colloquially as ‘Regrarians’, however this delight and indeed permission does not extend to its use in any form of commerce.

People are free to use and apply the Regrarians® trademark within educational trainings where describing the ‘Regrarians® Platform’ or in describing the work of Regrarians Ltd. provided that the appropriate citation (s), reference (s) and acknowledgement (s) are applied, and that the ‘®’ symbol is also applied.  This permission does not extend to using the Regrarians® trademark to describe, name or brand any training, enterprise name or entity. For the latter to occur prior written permission must be granted by Darren J. Doherty.

We are endeavouring to provide professional access to the Regrarians® trademark over time and this will follow extensive trainings within our ‘Regrarians® Advanced Certificate’ (#RAC) program — scheduled to commence in late 2016. We’ll make more announcements about this as we develop this program.

Thank you,

Lisa Heenan, Isaebella Doherty & Darren J. Doherty


Regrarians Ltd.