#BeforeTheFire Resources

As the world’s climate gets weirder and its landscapes have less function the incidence of wildfire continues to effect people and the ecosystems they inhabit and surround them.

Regrarians is based in southeastern Australia, long identified as the most wildfire prone region of the planet. Fires are so catastrophic here that they are given biblical names that are forever etched in the lexicon, Royal Commissions that follow and traumas that are epigenetic.

Since we launched this farm planning & healthy living enterprise in March of 1993 we have had fire risk management & mitigation at the front of our minds — and we’re not alone.

With this we wanted to provide an assembly of resource links that many who live in the expanding area of pyrophytic landscapes of the world might find useful as they look to managing and mitigating their own risk:



#AfterTheFire – 2018 – Webinar – with Brittany Cole Bush, Art Ludwig, David Holmgren, Allan Savory & Darren J. Doherty
Southampton Homestead & Farm – #AfterTheFire – 2015 – Short – with Michelle McManus, Jeff Pow & Lisa Heenan
Understanding Fire – 2016 – Short – with Victor Steffensen et.al. – https://youtu.be/hqkjl1__igY
#FireHomeSchool: Aboriginal Fire Management in Australia– 2020 – Webinar – Pau Costa Foundation – with Victor Steffensen – 
2018 National Indigenous Fire Workshop – 2018 – Workshop – Bundanon Trust, NSW
RIGHT COUNTRY – RIGHT FIRE: Podcast Series – Firesticks Alliance
Facing Fire: Building Resiliency to Wildfire – 2019 – Short – by Javan K. Bernakevitch featuring Stephen J. Pyne, David Holmgren, Dan Halsey, P.A. Yeomans and others


The Flywire House: A case study in design against bushfire – 1991 – Book – David Holmgren
The Complete Bushfire Safety Book – 2000 – Book – Joan Webster
Essential Bushfire Safety Tips 3rd Ed. – 2012 – Book – Joan Webster
Fire Country: How Indigenous Fire Management Could Help Save Australia – 2020 – Book – Victor Steffensen
Looking After Country with Fire: Aboriginal Burning Knowledge with Uncle Kuu – 2022 – Book (Childrens) – Victor Steffensen, Sandra Steffensen (Illustrator)
Burning bush: a fire history of Australia – 1991 – Book – Stephen J. Pyne
The Regrarians Handbook – 2015:present – Book – Darren J. Doherty, Andrew Jeeves & Georgi Pavlov
Reintroducing Traditional Land Management Practices – 2012 – Booklet – Rodney Mason et.al.
Bushfire Resilient Communities and Landscapes – 2009 – Discussion Paper – David Holmgren
Reflections on fire – February 2019 – Article – David Holmgren
Before The Fire Resources – Regrarians.org
The Challenge of Landscape – The Development & Practice of Keyline – 1958 – Book – P.A. Yeomans
The City Forest – The Keyline Plan for the Human Environment Revolution, – 1971 – Book – P.A. Yeomans
Possible New Approach to Bushfire – 2015 – Article – Graeme Hand, (HandfortheLand)


Mulong – Victor Steffensen
Firesticks Alliance
Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC