REXi Farm Planning Courses

2023 #REXi Courses

Hybrid Online:Onsite Farm Planning Conferences

Limited to 30 participants per course, this intensive farm planning experience provides a unique hybrid of a 4 day on-farm convention PLUS one year’s membership of the world-leading Regrarians® Workplace (online) PLUS (optional) participation in the world-leading REX online farm planning program. In 2019 we travelled across Europe and Latin America to deliver the first ever REXi courses. The COVID-19 pandemic ruined our plans for follow up tours over 2020-2022 and now we’re able to get back out there again.


Step 1 – Join the Regrarians® Workplace

Start your lifetime membership of the Regrarians® Workplace—our flagship platform where the Regrarians professional development network of clients, associates and alumni from all over the world all come together to help each other succeed whatever your situation, wherever you are and whatever language you speak

Step 2 – Access the #REX Webinars

When you join the Regrarians® Workplace you’ll get immediate access to the REX® Online Farm Planning course webinars

Step 3 – Get the Regrarians eHandbook

The Regrarians pedagogy is based on the Regrarians eHandbook chapters – join a REXi course and get a copy of the available chapters

Step 4 – Create Your Farm Map

Using Google Earth Pro, we’ll support you to develop the base farm map you need for the REXi Farm Planning course. 

Step 5 – Participate in the 4 Day #REXi Farm Planning Course

With a maximum of 30 people participate in an interactive and participatory course where you develop a farm plan that is realistic and prioritised. 

Step 6 – Participate in the REX Online Farm Planning Course

An enhancement of the 2019 #REXi tour will be the option to join the world-renowned REX® Online Farm Planning course.

Step 7 – One on One Mentoring with Darren

Within the year following the completion of your #REXi you get to have a 1 hour online mentoring session with Regrarians very own Darren J. Doherty CPAg AIA

Translation • Traduction • ¿Traducción? • Tradução?

Participants joining the #REXi programs who don’t speak English will have access to simultaneous translation using the fabulous ‘BeONAIR‘ app. Download the app (iOS and Android), bring your own Wifi-enabled phone/mobile device and your own headphones and we’re good to go!

PLUS the Regrarians® Workplace automatically translates all group posts and comments into your nominated language. Since 2022 all video content that Regrarians has uploaded to the Regrarians® Workplace has captions in multiple languages.

Download the BeONAIR APP

2020 REXi CONFERENCE (postponed due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions):


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