Regrarians ONline (‘RON’) Beta from July 2nd 2015

Regrarians ONline (‘RON’) Beta from July 2nd 2015

Regrarians ONline (‘RON’) Beta from July 2nd 2015

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#RegrariansONline (#RON) Beta

It was way back in 2007 that an attendee to one of our workshops in California suggested that we should do online training. We thought about it and inquired and at that stage bandwidth and web software weren’t quite there — quite frankly neither were we!

Thanks to the great efforts of HUMA Design’s Smilyan Pavlov we’re pleased to announce that the full service Regrarians ONline or ‘RON’ platform for training, liaison and consultancy is now in beta mode.


We think we have a designed a very unique model in the RON experience with the following features:

A mix of free and very low cost online training sessions that range in price from $5-10/session (60-90mins)

Regrarians Online Professional Development (ROP) – join us to complete well over 200 individual professional development modules following the Regrarians Platform (RP) from start to finish

Peer2Peer Training – use RON to engage in specific task work and workshops to share skills and broker findings

Biz2Biz – leading practitioners leading other practitioners in professional development sessions and programs

RON Automated Payment Splitting – enables “hands-free” and highly transparent accounting to show all how payments are split between trainers and Regrarians

RON Trainers will receive a pro-rata payment for sessions they deliver AND they will also receive an ongoing residual payment for the life of any sessions as long as they live*

We are looking at the RON platform as being a successful means by which the Regrarians Ltd. non-profit can be funded, particularly by paid views of RON Recorded sessions. We need to generate a funding base that allows us to keep our prices low and for keeping our quality high.

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For a listing of the upcoming RON Live sessions click here

For the RON Recorded catalogue click here


For the Regrarians ONline or ‘RON’ Trainer Package please click here


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