Regrarians Illustration Service


  • FARM DESIGNPhotorealistic and stylized 3D plans, aerial and perspectives.
  • ARCHITECTURE — Photorealistic exteriors, interiors, plans and sections.
  • CONCEPT ART — 2D and 3D concept art – environments, educational concepts, engineering, and more. 
  • VIRTUAL REALITY — Photorealistic VR / walkthroughs for architecture and farm design


  • Work that is subject to an official and signed non-disclosure agreement will be priced much higher than usual due to the fact that Regrarians Ltd. will not be able to use it in Regrarians Ltd. advertising and promotional efforts. The prices listed above do not factor in a non-disclosure agreement or any other form of exclusivity. 
  • Requests for additional iterations beyond those free sets included will be charged based on our hourly fee (USD$150/hour) with a cost ceiling at the standard rate for that particular service. Over years of working with hundreds of people, we have found two sets of iterations to be entirely sufficient in most cases. For this reason, we believe that it is in both parties’ best interest to communicate as clearly and articulately as possible during the process in order to reduce the likelihood of needing any further iterations. 


  1. Proposal
    Contact us about your project, desired outcomes, available data, and timeframe. We will respond asap to let you know if we can take on the work and if so prepare a proposal.
  2. Data / Script
    Before work can begin, you have to supply us with all of the data and information required for the completion of the work that we have listed in our proposal. 
  3. Payment – 100%
    In most cases, we will require that the entirey of the cost for the work outlined in the proposal is paid upfront and within a specified timeframe. We are open to negotiate a 50/50 split as well whereby half of the work is paid upfront and half before the delivery of the final outputs.
  4. Previz
    We create an initial set of renders or a pre-visualization for feedback. 
  5. Feedback
    You provide feedback on the initial renders or previz (please see the “Feedback” section below to gain an idea about the type of feedback we’re looking for).
  6. Iterations
    We will take your feedback into consideration and finalize the renders. We will then send you previews for approval.
  7. Feedback
    We will send the revised imagery/animations for the second round of feedback.
  8. Delivery
    The images/animations/VR models are finalized and delivered to you.


  • Regrarians Ltd. reserves all rights over any imagery, data, documentation, and files that are produced by Regrarians Ltd. All work is by default under a non-exclusive commercial license, meaning that you may still use the imagery, data, files and documentation that Regrarians Ltd. has produced for you during the service for your own commercial purposes, advertisement campaigns, education, publications, etc.
  • Any imagery, data, documentation, and files that have been produced by Regrarians Ltd. may be used in Regrarians Ltd. advertising and promotional campaigns without requiring your prior permission. 
  • Regrarians Ltd. shall be referenced as being the sole author of that aspect of the work (be it illustration, design, analytics, etc.) that Regrarians Ltd has been responsible for during the project everywhere where the work is used including in publications, advertising, courses, etc. Similarly, Regrarians Ltd. will reference you and/or your company as being the author of any aspect of the work you have been responsible for during the project (be it the design or aspects of it, documentation, plans, etc. upon which our visualization work was based) so as to give credit where credit is due and avoid giving a false impression that Regrarians Ltd. has been solely responsible for all of the work. 
  • You may not resell any of the imagery, data, files and documentation that Regrarians Ltd. has produced. This only means that you cannot take one of our illustrations or designs and, for example, put them for sale on a stock image website or as a standalone product somewhere for resale. You may, however, use the illustrations as part of your publications (such as books, design reports, video courses, etc.), educational activities, and so on and sell those. Similarly, Regrarians Ltd. will not resell the final outputs as a standalone product, retains the right to use them in Regrarians Ltd. educational programs, services, and products. 
  • You may not claim imagery, data, files and documentation that Regrarians Ltd. has produced as your own creation or claim authorship over them. In reciprocity, Regrarians Ltd. will not claim any aspect of the work you have been responsible for during the projects as being something Regrarians Ltd. has created or authored.
  • The license is non-transferable, meaning that it applies only to you or your company.
  • By contracting Regrarians Ltd. for this service, you fully agree to these terms and to our working process as outlined above.


  • How much does it cost?
    The needs of every project are different. Please send us a brief and we’ll come up with an estimate. Most still image projects are in the vicinity of $USD2000 for a set of two images.
  • How long will it take?
    The time will largely depend on the type of service and on the scope of the project. Most Farm Design artwork will take no more than 2 days, whereas Architectural visualizations may take between 2 – 7 days depending on the scope of works. Concept Art usually takes up to 2 days, whereas Animations may take between a week to a month, depending on the script.
  • When can you start?
    If you are interested in the illustration service it is best that you contact us as soon as possible. We may be occupied for months ahead.
  • What is required of me?
    Only (1) to be communicative during the service and (2) to supply any necessary data or information we may need to realize your vision.
  • Do you transfer authorship rights or offer exclusive commercial licenses?
    By default, we do not offer other licenses than a non-exclusive commercial license. However, we are open to discussing terms.
  • Can I have my logo/website/credits etc included?
  • Can I modify the images?
    No. You are not allowed to modify the final images in any way, including removing our logo or other branding information from them. If you need the images modified you will have to contact us first.
  • What resolution are the final images in?
    Images will come at a minimum 4000 px wide standard. You may request greater resolution, but it may affect the final cost.
  • How many iteration requests can I make?
    We have included 2 free iterations. We have found that 2 iterations are typically sufficient for most projects if there is clear communication. In the event that more iterations are required, they will be priced at USD $150/hr. 


  1. Use clear, articulate and unambiguous statements or directives — we love bullet points! Never use general statements. Recognize that we are working over the internet and it is often remarkably hard to understand what you envision. So for example, it is not helpful to say “Can we include poplar trees in there?”. Instead, it is much more helpful to say “Within this area outline include a stand of mature, hybrid poplar trees, spaced at a 12-meter interval within the row and 10-meter interval between the rows, with a crown width of 10 meters.”
  2. Clearly specify the extents and positions of things. For example, accompany your comments with an exact visual outline of the given area when talking about area extents — such as when discussing tree planting patches. Include an exact visual point, alignment or outline that clearly and precisely specifies where the element in question should be positioned when talking about the position of something, such as for example the position of a road or a structure.
  3. Include detail about the dimensions of things — width, length, height, batter slope, etc. Consider that we have to build from scratch everything that you are talking about. If you were to build a house, for example, you’d likely want to have an accurate construction plan with clear dimensions. It’s exactly the same for us.
  4. Include visual references, – images from Google or your own photos, Youtube videos, hand sketches, etc, – to assist our imagination when describing to us how something should look.