QGIS for Forestry and Cultivation Design | PRE-ORDER [ETA: JAN/FEB 2022]

In this program you’ll learn how to use QGIS  in a production environment to create precision planting and cultivation layout designs. This course is not about making drawings for presentation purposes. Neither is it about any particular forestry methodology. Instead, we’ll be largely focusing on the technicalities behind the creation of accurate layouts and planting schemes for implementation in the field using precision tools. The workflows demonstrated in this training can be applied on any project regardless of its scale or specifics. We’ve designed this program as a project based training and the working files are included so you can follow along should you prefer to learn by doing.

Among other things, we cover:

  • The overall working process behind layout design
  • Importing vector and raster data
  • Processing various raster and vector base maps
  • Applying principles of layout design (with a focus on the Keyline® planting and cultivation pattern)
  • Using the drawing tools in QGIS
  • How to array and sort points correctly
  • Stylization
  • Creating and managing smart labels
  • Annotating with expressions
  • Properly exporting your designs to the most commonly used file formats, applications and devices
  • Many tips and tricks to speed up your working process


  • Scripted, meticulously edited, pre-recorded, time-stamped. Content is delivered quickly and in a concise format. No time is wasted in fruitless sidetracking or listening to ‘uhmm’s and ‘ahmm’s. 
  • Streamed. Watch at your own leisure, from any device and any place with an active internet connection.
  • Working files are included should you wish to follow along.
  • Lifetime access. Buy once and keep it forever, including any updates. 
  • Updates. We’ll do our best to keep the content updated and relevant. Requests for additions and changes are also welcome.
  • Technical Support for issues related to the content is included via the Regrarians Workplace.
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Important information:

  • Refunds are accepted only up until access to the program is released (ETA January 2022). Afterwards, we will not honour any claims for refunds since this is a digital product. Please consider carefully if this training is something you can commit to.


This is a project by Propagate Ventures that Regrarians assisted in the design of using the workflows presented in this program. All footage of the implementation is courtesy of Propagate Ventures. You can find them on their website, Facebook, and Instagram


This content list is not final and is subject to change. Your feedback and requests for changes and additions are all very much welcome! Write to us here.

1. Introduction

1.1. Overview
1.2. Working Files
1.3. Workflow

2. Setup

2.1. Settings
2.2. Projection
2.3. Interface
2.4. Shortcuts
2.5. Plugins

3. Importing Data

3.1. Importing Rasters
3.2. Importing Vectors
3.3. Importing Tiles

4. Processing

4.1 Contours
4.2. Hillshade
4.3. Slope and Slope Direction
4.4. Aspect
4.5. Flow

5. Layout Design

5.1. Layout types
5.2. Design process
5.3. Design principles
5.4. Drawing
5.5. Grouping
5.5. Attributes
5.6. Annotations
5.7. Styling

6. Arrays

6.1. Creating Arrays
6.2. Sampling
6.3. Sorting
6.4. Grouping
6.5. Attributes
6.6. Labels
6.7. Styling

7. Exporting Data

7.1. To CAD
7.2. To Shapefile
7.3. To CSV
7.4. To Geopackage
7.5. To Smartphone
7.6. To PDF / Image / Georeferenced Image
7.7. To Google Earth


I am an absolute beginner. Is this program suitable for me?

This program is designed with QGIS beginners in mind (as well as intermediate/advanced users coming from other applications). Everything is covered in depth — where to click, what to type, how to think, etc. That being said, you must have a general technical proficiency with computers and software, and a desire to practice. There are lots of technical terms,  things to think about, buttons to press, information to manage, and even some code to write. The sessions are also somewhat fast paced. For some, this may amount to a steep learning curve. If you feel that the content is something that will be too overwhelming for you, we suggest that you start with our Google Earth program. On the other hand, if you feel this program is not enough for you, then consider our extensive QGIS training where you’ll find hundreds of videos and dozens of hours of content.

What software do I need?

You’ll need only QGIS and Google Earth Pro, both of which are free. We’ll be using the latest version of QGIS for this training. 

Do you cover field implementation and tool handling?

No, we cover only layout design and how to set that up for export to various tools for field implementation. 

Is this program downloadable? 

The project files are downloadable but the videos are not. We prefer this format as it allows us to seamlessly make changes and updates to the program without requiring people to re-download videos.

Are project files included?

Yes, all sections that use project files will have those files included.

How long is this program?

We expect it to be in the vicinity of 5-10 hours long after editing.

How do I access the program?

  • If you are a financial Regrarians Planner member, then you get this training for free for the duration of your financial membership.
  • Alternatively, simply buy the program from this product page and you’ll receive lifetime access to the program as soon as it becomes available (ETA January 2022). We offer two options – either a lump sum payment or a split payment.

When will the program be released?

We expect to release the program materials around January 2022.

Are refunds accepted?

Refunds are accepted until access to the program has been released. No questions asked. After the program has been released, however, we will honour absolutely no claims to refunds whatsoever since this is a digital product. We will release samples to the program a few weeks before release to help you make up your mind before your payment becomes locked. 

Is technical support included?

We will be happy to help with any issues but only if they are related to the content of the program. We cannot help with unrelated issues or with personal or commercial projects since our time is extremely limited. The only two channels via which support is provided are email and the dedicated course group in the Regrarians Workplace.

I have other questions. Where can I contact you?

Feel free to write to us through this page or directly within the Regrarians Workplace.