Webinar – REX10 WK5 – Keyline® Geometry

Webinar – REX10 WK5 – Keyline® Geometry


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REX 10 Week Online Farm Planning Program – Week 5 

The practical application of Keyline Geometry to common landscapes first requires some comprehension of Keyline Geography. Fortunately we have dealt with this topic in detail in the Keyline Geographic Analysis Webinars (Parts A-C) and the 2. Geography chapter of the Regrarians Handbook.

Georgi Pavlov has spent many years working with Regrarians learning and now mastering Keyline Geography, Geometry and Farm Planning. Georgi has written some excellent materials on the topic and these have built considerably on the body of work of Keyline founder, the late P.A. Yeomans.

Georgi leads this webinar — the 4th in this series from Week 5 of the 1o week REX Online Farm Planning Program.



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