Peel-Harvey Catchment Council Training Program

Peel-Harvey Catchment Council Training Program


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Peel-Harvey Catchment Council ‘Planner’ Membership 

Regrarians are proud to be engaged in a partnership with the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council in the delivery of a longitudinal train-the-training package over 2021-22. This package includes participation in a 13 week online REX® program, a special onsite ‘pre-post’ fire management training, and a year of online support and follow up.  

Program participants obtain the same access privileges and training/mentorship package as our Planner members — including:

  • Access to the Regrarians Workplace — our exclusive regenerative agriculture forum with over 3000 members from more than 70 countries around the world
    – This forum uses the brilliant Workplace by Facebook platform — a private intranet for enterprises and organisations
    – Conversations are categorised according to the Regrarians Platform® and a broad range of sub-topics & project groups
  • Full Access to the Regrarians Platform Resources GoogleDrive, an extraordinary catalogue of support materials
  • Full Access to any new 13 week REX Online Farm Planning Programs — the world’s leading online farm planning program
    – We run a minimum of 1 REX Online programs per year – should we run 2 REX over the year of your subscription then you can do both 13 week REX® Online Farm Planning Program
  • Full Access to Regrarians ONline (‘RON’) Live & Recorded Instructional Sessions
    – RON sessions detail the sections of the Regrarians Handbook and also feature Peer2Peer and Biz2Biz Sessions
  • One (1) hour consultation/mentorship call with Regrarians’ Darren J. Doherty  
  • Full Access to the 10 week REX Online Farm Planning Program Archives — the original REX online program delivered from June:Sept 2017 & Nov 2017:Feb2018
    – Includes access to all recorded webinars & discussion pages 
  • Full Access to 13 week REX Online Farm Planning Program Archives delivered between 2018 and 2021.  
    – Includes all recorded webinars & discussion pages
  • Precision Mapping Package — Regrarians is a DroneDeploy ‘Drones for Good‘ partner. With this we can help you prepare a high resolution farm map complete with aerial photo, topographic contours, plant health analysis and 3D models. All you need is a day without rain and wind and a UAV capable of working with Drone Deploy  — plus have an RTK GNSS/GPS (Regrarians recommends the affordable EMLID Reach RS units) if you want highly accurate topographic contours and mapping outputs. 
  • The Regrarians team can also work with you to develop topographic maps for your project using available data sets. 


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