KTG Farmland Program

KTG Farmland Program



Kiss the Ground Farmland Program ‘Planner’ Membership (usually USD$95/month or $1020 for a year) 

Regrarians, along with the The Soil Health Academy, are proud partners of the Kiss the Ground organisation and its ‘Farmland Program‘. 

Farmland ‘Regenerative Training Scholarship‘ recipients obtain the same access privileges and training/mentorship package as Regrarians’ Planner members:

The Most Comprehensive Online Farm Planning Package Since our first online REX® program in 2017, over 1500 people from all over the world have used this unique package to support them to improve their lives, their businesses and their land management. 

“…Unlike most other farm developers, we are starting with a bare and wild piece of land to design from, which makes many things easier, but also leaves us with many options. It’s hard to improve a natural system, but we’re hoping to develop a well thought through farm plan for our future homestead and farm, designing a property which will not only serve us and our horses needs, but also help regenerate the watershed and build soil structure. We are looking forward to learning about the next layers (soil, economy, and energy) and excited for the property plan to take shape. We will definitely be sticking with Regrarians after the scholarship ends, it is well worth the funds! Thank you Kiss the Ground for giving us the opportunity to join the course, and thank you Darren and Georgi for all your advise and hard work!…”

~ Dorit, Jil, and Jackson Brown, Oregon, USA

The REX is only available to Regrarians Planner Members, which is what this Regenerative Training Scholarship provides—this program is spread out over a whole year while providing the following range of benefits:

  • You can do two (2) REX programs per membership period
  • Regrarians memberships are per project NOT per person
  • You get full access to the available Regrarians eHandbook chapters
  • Over 650 hours of past REX and RON webinars/podcasts are fully accessible
  • All of our REX webinars & Q&A’s are completely LIVE with recordings available within hours of the session with subtitles in English, Español, Français, Português and Italiano.
  • The full catalogue of the Regrarians Platform® Online Library and past REX programs entries are available
  • Professional farm map production using the Regrarians Mapping Services are included as a part of the REX package
  • Full access to the industry leading QGIS for Mapping & Design, QGIS for Forestry & Cultivation and Google Earth for Mapping & Design online courses
  • Lifetime membership of the Regrarians Workplace
  • Three online sessions per week: one x 2 hour webinar and two x 2+ hour Q&A sessions scheduled at different times for all international time zones

Hosted within the highly integrated and intuitive Regrarians Workplace, your participation in the REX is supported by 1000’s of Regrarians alumni and professional associates who are members of this diverse and multilingual digital platform. 

“…If the PDC is elementary school, then the REX® is a college degree. Aside from education and mentorship, you also get access to a network of people all over the globe who work with very different contexts toward a common purpose. The Regrarians Platform® and Regrarians Workplace are a treasure, and the most important and most valuable social network focused on regenerative agricultures on the planet…”

~ Neal Spackman, Regenerative Resources Co., USA




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