Webinar – 9.Economy – Practical HM Financial Planning – 7/8

Webinar – 9.Economy – Practical HM Financial Planning – 7/8


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Thursday June 28, 2018 – 0700:0900 (AEST – GMT +10 – scroll to bottom of page for the global timetable)

Why do this RON?

The benefits of this training series is that you will have a profitable plan in place by the start of this financial year (June 30, 2018).

Increase your farming enjoyment, land health and profitability by rapidly implementing your Holistic Management® (HM)  training.

The unique difference in this training is that we work with you one on one to put your decisions into effect.

This approach can reduce adoption time from 10 years to 2 years.

This approach overcomes your individual barriers (the obstacles you face on the path to that future) by making sure that you can implement the key habits to success.

We have developed a series of packages that working together will allow you to address the significant obstacles to successfully adopting Holistic Management.

  • If you have invested money & time in HM training
  • If it feels like you are missing something (details) that is (are) stopping you.
  • If you want stable finances and your farm regenerating

The reason this training works is that each person has individual blockages to adopting Holistic Management.

This training is designed so that you receive help on any steps that block you from producing and implementing your plan.

We have spent over 20 years developing these practical packages.

What’s covered in this session?

  • Putting it all together
  • Monthly monitoring to put your plan back on track

What’s covered in this series?

Unit 1

  • Understanding your current enterprises – profitability and risks
  • Determine the profit you require to have a stable business.
  • Redesigning mix and individual enterprises
  • Logjams identified

Unit 2 

  • Potential new sources of income
  • Identifying the weak link in each enterprise
  • Focusing your time and effort to increase your bank balance

Unit 3 

  • Planning a profit
  • Reducing maintenance expenses

Recommended Reading

  • Savory, A, Holistic Management, Third Edition: A Commonsense Revolution to
    Restore Our Environment, Island Press, Washington, 2016 — Chapter 39, Holistic Financial Planning: Generating Lasting Wealth — available here
  • Where is the money going?” Stipa Newsletter, Number 58, June 2017 — available here


Graeme Hand & family have been farming in South West Victoria (Australia) for the past 25 years.  Graeme holds a diploma in Applied Science, and worked 10 years as an industrial chemist before turning his scientific knowledge and experience to eco friendly farming practices and, eventually, to Holistic Management®. He’s a Certified Holistic Management® Educator, which includes qualifications in land management, planned grazing, land and soil health monitoring, financial planning and monitoring, enterprise design and succession planning.

He’s a Quality Assurance & Environmental Systems Auditor (ISO 9000, ISO 14001), Environmental Management Systems Trainer and auditor (ISO14001), holds Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training (BSZ40198), trained in psychological emergency & trauma with Victorian State Emergency Recovery Unit, and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.

Graeme is also CEO of Stipa Native Grasses Association, and regularly travels in country and overseas to advise Governments and Farmers’ Associations about grass regeneration and grazing. He’s currently working on baseline soil carbon and grassland regeneration in Mongolia.

He provides training for Melbourne and Sydney Universities, Victorian Department of Primary Industry, Vic and NSW LLS’s, NRM’s, and works with Centrelink to help farmers in drought crisis with financial planning and property management advice. He’s also a consultant to Meat & Livestock Australia, with a focus on the Australian Beef Grading system, Meat Standards Australia.

Other projects include Action on the Ground in association with Sydney University, a Tasmania-based large scale Planned Grazing demonstration project

Anything Else

  • This session will be run using the Zoom app — you will receive a link to this session after you register. 

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