Regrarians Affiliate Program

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Regrarians is active in building the collective bandwidth of the agroecological movement and the program participation of our own and others along with instigating a more reciprocative economy within the Regrarians Workplace.
After about 5 years of trying, thanks to the Thrivecart platform we can now provide automated trailing monthly commissions to people and organisations who recommend our memberships to those who become new members.
In other words, if you recommend someone to become a Planner member then you will now get a monthly commission of USD$19/month for as long as that member pays that membership fee.
If you were able to get 5 new Planner members then that would cover your own Planner membership fee!
If you or your organisation are interested then we are offering a flat 20% commission on the Planner memberships.
Our program only works if you or your organisation has a Business PayPal account.
We are looking to expand the affiliate offering beyond our memberships—however this is where we are going to start.

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