HUMA & Regrarians Engagement is Official!

HUMA & Regrarians Engagement is Official!




About a year ago Bulgaria-based non-profit HUMA Design’s brothers Georgi & Smilyan Pavlov started to work with Regrarians Ltd. on a number of fronts. Initially Georgi was building his design illustration and rendering skills with Smilyan receiving mentoring support from us on Keyline design.

We’re now very pleased and proud to announce that HUMA Design and Regrarians Ltd. have agreed to work exclusively with each other on the development of our Regrarians Mapping Resources. HUMA Design are now responsible for the management of the following for Regrarians Ltd.

  • Regrarians Mapping Resources – 3D renders & Topo Plans
  • CGI Animation Projects
  • – Website maintenance & development
  • – Website maintenance & development

We are all very excited at this announcement and look forward to working together to support our clients and networks in ways that fulfill our collective statements of purpose.

Yours and Growing,

Lisa Heenan, Isaebella Doherty & Darren J. Doherty
Directors, Regrarians Ltd.

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