#EatBuyGrow Rally+Event Update

#EatBuyGrow Rally+Event Update

#EatBuyGrow Rally+Event Update



With just a few days to go we are continuing to get growing support for the #EatBuyGrow Rally + Event

However despite all of our representations, registered mail, media releases & best efforts the response from the media has been very low and from invited politicians & bureaucrats next to nothing with the exception of a couple of apologies from Australian Greens politicians & one ALP member of state parliament. The Victorian state government ministers who’s portfolios are particularly relevant in this space have not responded to their invitations sent by registered mail that we paid to have personally signed on delivery by the ministers themselves. 

So at this stage, (and there is still time!) its over to those of us who are committed and that includes all of you as you’ve booked a place, agreed to speak or represent your organisation or enterprise with a stall. Its over to all of us to drop a line, make a call, share a post or work our various degrees of separation to get the policy makers, thought-leaders and opinion-framers to the table…

We have well over 300 bookings for the FREE evening event and the magnificently-renovated Collingwood Town Hall holds more than 600. We’d love to fill it! Why not, we all Eat, Buy or Grow food and we need a critical reboot of the way the whole food system respects and honours producers’ enterprises, consumers’ nutrition and our landscapes’ health and regeneration…Wouldn’t it be a fantastic show of support for our stellar producers to have a full house! 

And wouldn’t the rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament be a fantastic show of support for our #IntegrityFoodSystem with a great crowd cheering on the many speakers including Joel Salatin, Costa Georgiadis, Vicki Jones, Madelaine Scott among others!  Bring a recyclable banner with your message and tell your mates to be there for a 1pm kick off!!

Imagine the ripples and actions that emerge from all of the chats, networking and bites you and all will have over this fantastic day? Lets bring everyone together on this so that we can protect our rights to true free & fair trade, safe real food access and landscape rejuvenation that we all want and need to see. Bring your flyers, business cards and best questions to the event. 

We are also pleased to announce that we have facilitated a meeting with Joel Salatin and some leading Australian Integrity Food System figures to discuss the formation of an Australia Farmer to Consumer Legal Defence Fund most likely within a structure that represents the interests we’re all seeking to achieve…stay tuned for see how you can support this much-needed organisation.  

For the #EatBuyGrow Rally + Event  we can confirm the following speakers:

• Costa Georgiadis – Gardening Australia

• Joel Salatin – Polyface Farm Inc.

• Vicki Jones – Mountain View Organic Dairy

• Cyndi O’Meara – Changing Habits

• Belinda Hagan – McIvor Farm Foods

• Tammi Jonas – Jonais Farm + Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

• Su Dennett – Melliodora Permaculture Gardens

• David Holmgren – Holmgren Design Services

• Matt Wilkinson – Pope Joan Cafe & Mr. Wilkinsons

• Madelaine Scott – Madelaine’s Eggs

• Lisa Heenan – Regrarians Ltd. 

• Isaebella Doherty – Regrarians Ltd. 

• Darren J. Doherty – Regrarians Ltd. 

Lisa Heenan will be the rally convenor and event leader. 

The Rally + Event will be filmed & recorded by Regrarians Ltd. and you are welcome to as well. 

From 6.30pm (so please get there early to get a park or via public transport) you will find many tastings & beverages available for sample and purchase at the event amongst the many producers and providores who will have their stalls there including:

• Pope Joan – 3 different vegetarian & gluten-free salads served in recyclable containers – $12 each + Mr. Wilkinson’s great cook books too!

• Avonmore Estate – BioDynamic Vineyard & Winery – various wines for sale by the glass (and glasses too!)

• Doctor Chan’s Feeling Good Ferments – naturally fermented spring water based beverages for sale

• McIvor Farm Foods – small goods tastings

• Ravens Creek Farm  – tastings and produce for sale

• Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths – small goods tastings

Other event stall holders include (more still to come!):

• Mountain View Organic Dairy – Organic Dairy Herdshare

• Sidonia Hills Natural Beef – The Village Cow™ Seasonal Beef Box system

• Australian Raw Milk Movement – #SafeRawMilk regulation campaign

• Grasslands Organic CSA – Community-based CSA servicing the inner, western & northern suburbs of Melbourne

• InsideOutside Management – Private & TAFE-based Holistic Management education & consulting 

• Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance – Convenors of the “People’s Food Plan” & leaders in @FairFoodNow policy development & advocacy

• Organic Federation of Australia – Australia’s peak body for the organic industry & National Organic Intern Program co-provider

• Madelaine’s Certified Organic Eggs & Hollyburton Park – Pasture-based egg & meat production, organic chicken feed & wool doonas

• PIP Permaculture – Australia’s Permaculture Magazine with Issue 3 available!

• Holmgren Design Services – Permaculture Innovation & Vision – Books, DVD’s & other resources

• Farmer Incubator – New farmer land access  & ‘Popup’ farming program

• The Raw Store – Membership-based organics business – You pay what they pay!

• Regrarians Ltd. – Non-profit regenerative agriculture & living consulting, training, media & advocacy + producers of the ‘Polyfaces’ documentary

Regrarians also wishes to thank the following people and organisations for their kind sponsorship of this event:

• Joel Salatin – Polyface Farm Inc. – for offering his time and waiving his fee for this important rally+event in support of Australian producers & consumers

• City of Yarra – For sponsoring the event by providing a 90% discount to the Regrarian Ltd. non-profit for the hire of the magnificent Collingwood Town Hall. 

• Rod White – Collingwood airbnb Host – for heavily discounting his huge loft accommodation with the World Cup in full swing! 

Finally if anyone has any burning questions to ask on the night then please let us know via Email or the Event Facebook Page

We at Regrarians Ltd. are really looking forward to hosting you all this Thursday for what will be a ground-breaking rally+event!

Yours & Growing, 

Lisa Heenan, Isaebella Doherty & Darren J. Doherty,


Regrarians Ltd.


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