Joel Salatin – Polyface Farm Inc. & Stockman Grass Farmer – Virginia, USA

“…the most comprehensive encyclopaedic treatment of all the topics we hold dear than anything I’ve ever seen, or imagined. I can’t imagine the monumental work this will be…”

~ Of the Regrarians Handbook

“…Darren is the foremost farm water and hydration planner and in the world…”

Neal Spackman – Regenerative Resources Co. – USA

“…If the PDC is elementary school, then REX® is a college degree. Aside from education and mentorship, you also get access to a network of people all over the globe who work with very different contexts toward a common purpose. The Regrarians Platform® and Regrarians Workplace are a treasure, and the most important and most valuable social network focused on regenerative agricultures on the planet…”

Tayler Krawczyk – Hatchet & Seed – British Colombia, Canada

“…The Regrarians Workplace, under Darren’s leadership, is a goldmine of regenerative agriculture troubleshooting and co-evolution. The REX® Program has built an inspiring and innovative community of soil builders, canopy cover creators, watershed stewards and profitable farmers. I’ve gained a great deal from the program & the group…”

Michelle McManus & Jeff Pow – Owners, Southampton Homestead – Western Australia

“…Darren, his family and the Regrarians community really do feel like steady companions on our farming journey. We have been privileged to benefit from Darren’s expertise, support and insight in so many ways – through a Regrarians Open Consultancy, his ongoing mentoring, comprehensive online REX® program, and the work of Regrarians Media in capturing and helping us to share our story. Darren’s approach is accessible, pragmatic and based on real experience. If you’re wondering ‘where do I start?’ – just start here and you will quickly find your place within a welcoming, knowledgeable and generous community…”

AB – The Landsmith Collection – Western Australia

“…Darren has a great energy that he has brought to our project which filters through the whole team. Who knew we could get so passionate about dirt! He is helping us feel a deeper connection to our own place by showing us what is really living in our soils – living things we never looked at before, and living things we can’t even see but now understand are there…”

JB – The Landsmith Collection – Western Australia

“…Darren is generous with his knowledge and his support gives us the confidence to keep doing what we are doing, as well as do it better than we ever imagined. His no-nonsense and empathetic approach creates a sense of possibility. He has given life to our vision, literally!…”

Susan Cousineau – Ecologist/Farmer – California, USA

“…The Regrarians Platform® and community is without argument one of if not the single most valuable resources I have come across, both in farming and as an academically trained ecologist.

As a ‘grown up farm kid’ I deeply appreciate the commitment to practical discussion, efficiency, and real-world applications of grassroots and basic technology, innovation, and the kind of day-to-day humble genius borne of experience, hard work and pragmatism that, for me, are the hallmark of those who farm.

Academically, it is a place for me to better understand and appreciate the quotidian challenges of farming regeneratively in an agricultural context dominated by industrial and economic priorities. It is through this community, primarily, that I connect with others around the globe, and here that I look to make my own research functional and useful to the people I care about most: those working towards an agriculture that is ecologically, socially and financially viable while restoring and honouring the life systems that support us.

Taking a Regrarians training, whether online or in person, is in my mind a critical first step on the path to creating a holistically healthy farm and landscape that will continue to grow, improve, and provide for generations to come. From the bottom of my heart and the muddy soles of my feet, thank you Darren, Lisa and all of the Regrarians team for the work that you do and continue to share with the world…”

Javan K. Bernakevitch – All Points Design – British Colombia, Canada

“…Regrarians is more than a brand, more than a company, more than an educational resource, it’s a community of families – Likeminded folks who see their time on earth as an opportunity to guide and steward land, animals and people well.

The Regrarians team offers online education with their REX® programs, Regrarians Handbook and an ecosystem of practitioners with the Regrarians Workplace, an unparalleled space to share, learn, develop and grow in the area of regenerative land design and management.

For those new to this work it’s like coming home, for those seasoned it’s strengthening our work and for those ready to a play a greater role in living well on the planet it’s the right place to be. Thanks folks for all of your work…”

Grifen Hope – El Manzano – Bio Bio, Chile

“…Thanks Daz and Lisa! Regrarians is more than just a network its a community of practice, learning together how to regenerate earth…”

Sergio Lopera – Farmer/Trainer – Antioquia, Colombia

“…Thank you for the Regrarians Handbook. It is the best way to have you and the team always home. The Handbook is the compass and the Regrarians Workplace is the binnacle…”

Gautier Gras – Consultant – French Agroforestry Association – France

“…I cannot recommend highly enough Darren as a teacher, and the REX® as a course for professional regenerative land design. Integrative, structured, and to the point…”

Byron Joel – Consultant – Oak Tree Designs – Western Australia

“…For me the REX® felt like a culmination point of years of study and practice coming together to be organised and directed into a clear design template. The Regrarians Platform® is the next major node in the regenerative agriculture movement…”

Meghan Giroux – Agroecologist –  Interlace Agroforestry Farm – New York, NSW 

“…I’ve been a participant is three of Darren’s Farm Planning classes. Each time I’m pleasantly surprised by Darren’s ability to make complex information palatable using a teaching style that feels both welcoming and inclusive…”

Kevin Muno – Consultant – Ecological Artisans – California, USA

The Regrarians Platform® is our go to design methodology at Ecology Artisans Inc. when designing production landscapes. Our company had some Agroforestry training through some teachers of “farmscale” permaculture in the past, but the Regrarians Platform® blew that basic teaching out of the water with its cataloguing of the regenerative agriculture tool kit into the Keyline® Scale Of Permanence. We feel like the REX® training took our knowledge from amateur to professional. We are so excited for the Regrarians Handbook to come out and will be forever grateful to the Heenan Doherty family for making their mark on the regenerative agriculture industry with this comprehensive resource.

Pedro Serpa – Farmer – Portugal

“…Thank you, Regrarians team for the intensive care, and all those great people that shared their knowledge and gave a hand. Wish you all the best with your projects…”

Karen de Vries – Educator/Farmer – La Loma Viva – Granada, Spain

“…We have just finished the Regrarians REX® online farm planning programme and what an amazing journey! Brilliant weekly content, access to a range of professionals to assist with your design process to take your ideas to the next level and loads of inspiration! Highly recommend it!…”

Simon Marshall – Horticulturalist/Arborist – Horticulture by Design – Victoria, Australia

“…Just wanted to say thank you Darren J. Doherty, I really learnt a lot and we have a whole new level of excitement around developing our property and promoting regenerative land practices…”

Lisa & Peter Kalokerinos – Bankers Turned Farmers – Kapsali Farm – NSW, Australia

“…the community of like-minded people that has been created during the REX® has made it truly special and we’re hopeful will lead to many long-term friendships as we all journey towards a common goal of regenerative enterprise…”

Dragan Mardesic – Farmer – Western Australia

“…Thank you to Darren and the dedicated REX® team. I have gotten more than I was hoping from this intensive REX® process and feel so much more prepared and contented in the notion that our farm will now go forward with a much clearer overarching vision.”

James Parker – Teacher – Colorado, USA

“…I’ve found the Regrarians program to be immensely helpful in planning out our farm here at school. I’ve done two REXs so far, though I’ve only gotten as far as the Ecology layer on both. The reason for my stall-out is really on my end. As I joke at school: I’m trying to build a farm one planning period at a time. Forty minutes a few times a week makes for slow planning. 🙂 We also ran into some water rights issues that caused a total replanning of our water strategy. I’m super grateful to Darren and Georgi for opening the REXs for all-time to us as I think I’ll know more and will have better questions in another year or so as we keep building momentum and get more trees in the ground! I love the Workplace and generally check it once a day to see new posts. This winter I’d like to do more on my project page and ask more questions as we look forward to next year’s growing season. I’ll send you an invite to our project page if you like and you can follow along with our (glacial) progress. 😆 Overall, I am so so grateful for the scholarship and the Regrarians program and community. It’s helped us to go from dreaming to doing. Thank you!…”

Dorit, Jil, and Jackson Brown – Ranchers – Oregon, USA

“…Unlike most other farm developers, we are starting with a bare and wild piece of land to design from, which makes many things easier, but also leaves us with many options. It’s hard to improve a natural system, but we’re hoping to develop a well thought through farm plan for our future homestead and farm, designing a property which will not only serve us and our horses needs, but also help regenerate the watershed and build soil structure. We are looking forward to learning about the next layers (soil, economy, and energy) and excited for the property plan to take shape. We will definitely be sticking with Regrarians after the scholarship ends, it is well worth the funds! Thank you Kiss the Ground for giving us the opportunity to join the course, and thank you Darren and Georgi for all your advise and hard work!…”

Georgi Pavlov – Regrarians – Bulgaria

“…ffs Darren…”