Regrarians EDU Disciplines & Methodologies


Online learning is definitely one of the key ways of delivering highly effective learning at low cost and to any number of participants. The RON conference model is designed to deliver sessions following the Regrarians Platform® in 4 different interactive spaces to be fully rolled out over 2015:

  1. Interactive Modules (IM)
  2. Recorded Modules (RM)
  3. Peer to Peer Modules (P2P)
  4. Business to Business (B2B)

REGRARIANS SEMINARS (#RAZ) – Lead Attendee: Darren J. Doherty

Is a relatively and typically free or donation-based short talk of between 20 minutes or longer 1-2 hours seminar which describes and where possible demonstrates the broad principles of regenerative agriculture and living. This ‘teaser’ (Joel Salatin, 2012) involves delivery of a highly visual presentations that excite the audience to #EatBuyGrow in a whole different way!

REGRARIANS OPEN CONVENTION (#ROC) – Lead Attendee: Darren J. Doherty

Held on a host farm over a 2 day period with more in-depth delivery of each of the ‘Regrarians’ elements: Climate, Geography, Water, Access, Forestry, Buildings, Fences, Soils, Economy & Energy. The delivery of these topics is via interactive presentations, workgroups, field exercises & demonstrations. Practicums within these conventions focus on Soil Development, BioFertiliser Production, Water Management, Livestock Management & Site Analysis/Surveying skills. Attendees gain experiential understanding of the Regrarians Platform factors allowing them to take these to their own holdings and those of their clients. The ROC is a convention for people who work in the field though for professionals the ROC will prove invaluable in expanding their skills base.

REGRARIANS 10 DAY OPEN CONVENTION (#REX) – Lead Attendee: Darren J. Doherty

Focusses on the development of professional design and consulting skills needed in regenerative agriculture and living. Using real projects as the subject of this course, attendees are guided through the processes involved in a professional design, development & management consultancy, which we call ‘Our Works Pattern’: 1. Data Collation, 2. Concept Design, 3. Detail Design, 4. Budgeting 5. Scheduling, 6. Implementation & 7. Management. We get to work on the project design, addressing each of the Regrarians Platform factor developing layers of design together with strategies for implementation & management. The REX® is for people who are professionally involved in rural landscape management as advisors and managers or want to develop the skills needed to ‘do it themselves’ on their own holding.

REGRARIANS PRACTICAL CONVENTIONS (#RAP) – Lead Attendees: Darren J. Doherty, Joel Salatin, Daniel Salatin & others

Darren J. Doherty’s late maternal grandfather Frank B. Dole said to him as a youngster, ‘…the rural skills I show you know we keep you alive when the shit hits the fan...’. These experiential project development-based conventions host a smaller number of attendees (usually less than 30 people) who are involved in the process of implementing a Regenerative Agriculture system which might include: Management Intensive Grazing Systems, Soil Development, BioGas Installation, Ferrocement Water Storage, BioFertiliser Plant, Tree Establishment, Silviculture, Fencing, On-farm Livestock Processing, Water Harvesting Earthworks, Field Analysis & Survey or Polyface Farming Systems (PFS) with the specific operations described in field using real live working operations. These experiential skills are essential for the development and maintenance of productive local communities and farms and these practicums are most effective at increasing attendee’s capacity and capability. The RAP conventions are for anybody who wants to build their physical skills as part of regenerative landscape management.


A broad and commonsense introduction to the wide field Holistic Management (HM). Feedback from years of running these courses is that attendees want a balanced approach to the information delivered on these courses where all of the elements of HM are covered succinctly and effectively. The HMGF course is over 3-4 days and starts with the 10 Principles of HM, followed with a discussion around the Water & Mineral Cycles, Community Dynamics and Energy Flow. Ecosystem management tools are described and evaluated in the context of a developed Holistic Goal with a regime of Testing Decisions prescribing how best to make very conclusive and well thought out plans of action. Grazing Planning is also described, this being the greatest application of HM for most attendees, with days spent both indoors and outdoors generating time controlled grazing plans along with various practices. Land & Financial Planning rounds off this intensive event where we look at how to manage drought and the various land-use & fencing options available. Finally we look at Local Watershed Health and the practical, cost-effective means to protect and restore eroded landscapes and waterways.

FERTILITY FARMING (#FF) – Trainer: JuanFran Lopez

A favourite with many attendees this course is all about having people wrestle back control of their farm’s fertility. With input prices spiraling the use of simple, cost-effective biofertilisers, microbial additives and an array of integrated practices guarantee an improvement to producers’ bottom line. Training producers how to make their own NPK with farm-made mixes that are oh so easy to make and so, so very cheap. Control problem fungi ahead of them occuring or now how to deal with them when they do. Build soils quickly and cost-effectively using the minimum input. Measure the interaction between the soil’s (and compost) mineral, gaseous, organic and living components using the very simple technique of Chromatography. All of this and much more is dealt with in this most important and effective course.

POLYFACE FARMING SYSTEMS (#PFS) – Trainers: Joel, Daniel & Sheri Salatin

With Polyface Farm perhaps being the most mimicked regenerative agriculture operation going around today it helps to get a really clear picture of what’s going on there and we have a couple of course models going around that work people through this. There is the Polyface Farming Systems one day format where all of the operations of Polyface Farm are described in full. This is an indoor intensive seminar with a slideshow-framed discussion of all of these practices leads all manner of participants on the innovative, profitable and regenerative dance that is the Polyface Farming System or PFS.
Another model are individual or multiple Polyface RAP’s where specific elements of the PFS are described in the field using live working models of the various systems, be they the Pastured Broilers, EggMobiles, Salad Bar Beef, Silvopasture & Forestry, Pigaerator Pork, Farm-based Poultry Processing and other systems in operation at Polyface Farm.
Further to that we also have an intensive, 1 day Family-Friendly Farming seminar for farming families, current and future, to attend, gaining an appreciation of the intricacies of how to make the shift to more regenerative farming, marketing & living models can work.


Regrarians Ltd. does not have any commercial endorsements or pecuniary relationships with any companies, organisations or individuals. Despite many requests we refuse all invitations as it would erode integrity & independence.


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