2040 Program

Thanks for joining the 2040 program.

We’re excited for you to join us and become part of the Regeneration movement.

At Regrarians we want to see a 2040 where the ecosystem processes of this planet are sufficiently regenerated so that the future of all of its species is able to be self-determined as much as possible. 

The first step to become literate around the true issues that face all species is by:

  • Getting informed about how agricultural production effects ecosystems
  • If you are a primary producer, becoming a member of the Regrarians Workplace to help your transition into Regenerative Agriculture
  • Becoming a conscious consumer by only supporting production that has ecosystem health and regeneration at its core 

After this you can expect to develop a greater appreciation of the power of the world’s greatest land-use (agriculture) has to regenerate ecosystems processes — including the complete reversal of the problem of atmospheric carbon pollution.

Are you ready to join The Regeneration?