Regrarians Ltd. Statement of Purpose


The objects for which the Company is established are (extracted from Schedule 1 of the ASIC ‘Certificate of Registration of a Company’):

“…’Regrarian’, a neologism of ‘Regenerative Agrarian’, is a term first coined by Darren J Doherty in 2013 to describe those who are actively undertaking the serious & timely process of regenerating, restoring, rehabilitating, rekindling and rebooting production landscapes, be they urban or rural, across the world. 

The primary directive of Regrarians Limited entity is to the regenerative enhancement of the biosphere’s ecosystem processes. The secondary directive of Regrarians Limited is to internationally provide the potential for people to be informed about the regenerative economy by the delivery of extension, media, education, goods & materials, whether it involves their work in primary production, other themes of land management, extractive industries, corporate life, domestic services, manufacturing and other activities that are within the reasonable domain of humans — and to undertake and pursue all such other similar, related or compatible objects as may from time to time be considered appropriate by the Company…”

Integrated Design

We are unashamedly integrationalist in our approach to project design & delivery where we are not set on operating under a single set of parameters, approaches, disciplines or techniques. We carefully select the most appropriate tools for the right circumstances, considering with integrity how these fit with our charter and your objectives and expectations.

To be satisfied with mere sustainability is just simply lacking ambition and to be satisfied with ‘sustaining’ dying communities, ecosystems & economies is going no-where fast. We’ve scoured the planet for the best, most practical & cost-effective agricultural & living systems that take you, your land & our planet forward…

Family / World View

To us our family is our life & it always comes first. We focus much of our work with others who feel the same way as we do. We like to get on with things and like to work with those who like to too whilst having a good time in productive environments.

Regrarians Context

‘…To maintain creative, intergenerational family & community lives built around regenerative & profitable production, management & educational systems…’

Regrarians ‘Top 10’ Outcomes

1. Produce stable environments with sound watersheds

2. Restore profitability via integrated & regenerative agricultural development & management

3. Increase wildlife species, numbers with species & stability of populations

4. Improve water, soil & vegetation resources of cities, industry & agriculture

5. Re-establish riverine & riparian areas

6. Prevent waste of financial, human & natural resources

7. Entrench Holistic Decision Making Frameworks & Regrarian® Design & Planning

Principles within the education system, communities & organisations

8. Develop viable decentralised energy production systems

9. Restore local, regional & global mineral & water cycles

10. Provide value to our collaborators, course participants, clients & community

Farm Design

Cost-effective, easy to understand & practical farm layout plans & documentation full of the wisdom gained from a lifetime or work in the field & the experienced gained by developing & managing many of these systems for decades.

Family Bio

For over 20 years our family have travelled the world helping to regenerate communities, landscapes, farms & most importantly soils. Having helped develop 1000’s of projects with more than 2500 clients we have broad expertise & knowledge in our field. Since 2001 we’ve trained over 15,000 people in a broad range of methodologies drawing on the practical wisdom that comes from knowing what we’re doing, not just talking about it.



2012-Lisa-2ndShot300Lisa Heenan (1966-) is a professional actor, singer, writer & entertainer. Lisa was the star in the cult-classic thriller ‘The Long Line’ (1992) and the acclaimed social drama ‘Shredded’ (2002) & has played in a number of roles in Film & TV such as ‘Road to Nhill’ & ‘Stingers’ along with ‘Blue Heelers’, ‘Hamish & Andy’ & ‘Neighbours’, having been involved as an actor on many Australian productions & commercials over the last 30 years. The youngest of the 12 children, Lisa is well known not just for her sharp and probing talent but also for her no fuss capacity to adapt to any number of roles put before her, a true character actor – and following on from that career, as a person of the utmost integrity, generosity and light.

Lisa has also performed as a singer, acoustic guitarist and drummer across a range of genre’s and currently does limited solo and band gigs mostly in South Eastern Australia. With a great range and broad repitoire than spans everything from rock to folk, Lisa is particularly renowned for her Jazz & Blues vocals, which when teamed up with her daughter’s Isaebella & Pearl, or going solo, is something else.

Lisa has fit being an active family-oriented mother, daughter & sister in, whilst managing her professional career along with playing a pivotal role in the development and operation of Regrarians Ltd. with her husband Darren Doherty and children Isaebella, Pearl and Zane. On the many events and projects that Regrarians has been involved, Lisa has been right there from the start, providing strategic, practical, no-nonsense guidance and support to all involved. Those that know her or work with her are always impressed with her grace & ease under pressure & her ability to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

Following the ground-breaking REX 2016 world tour, Lisa took on the full-time care of her beloved Mother, Pearl Warnecke Heenan (1923-2018) providing her with the most outstanding care and attention and love until Pearl’s 12th child held her in arms in her own bed in her own home and had her last breaths.

More recently Lisa was the Chef and Host at the family’s ‘Cream Town Cafe & Gallery‘ (2020-2023) where she gained an incredible reputation and following as a provider of incredible fare (without exception only using local, organic/biodynamic and regenerative ingredients), while being an emotional support to so many so deeply effected and maligned by the pandemic.  Following these days is a ‘regenerative and environmental living consultant’ through the family’s private company, HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd.  

Lisa is a Director of Regrarians. Ltd.


2012-Isaebella-EU-train300Isaebella Doherty (1993-) is a precocious and multi-award winning talent who has produced a body of work that includes writing, performing, singing, filming and editing the Hillside Film Festival-winning ‘SWAN’, the Australian & International short –film series ‘Filthy Youth’ and TV series ‘Polyfaces’. Continually penning scripts, stories & songs whilst incessantly filming and recording the still and moving stories of people and places around the globe with her dazzling array of modern & vintage lens hooked up to ‘Toola’, her beloved 5D, Isaebella can also found pumping out the best coffee as a vibrant, hard-working and gregarious barista and host, a passing support role to her burgeoning career in media and entertainment. All of this will see her producing and performing in a wide array of memorable, powerful and integral productions long into the future.

In 2020 following the onset of Covid-19 workplace and travel restrictions, Isaebella and one of her friends established the ‘Cream Town’ online gallery to support visual artists who were not able to work or obtain government subsidies. In the first 6 months this gallery generated over AUD$150,000 in direct financial contributions to these artists, which for many of them was a valuable lifeline during those incredible times. In August 2020 the ‘Cream Town Cafe & Gallery’ opened and Isaebella curated its interior design and art collection throughout the 3 years it operated. 

Isaebella Doherty, is Regrarians Ltd. Media Manager. She also manages the brand’s ‘Isaebella’ and ‘Cream Town’ online gallery.



Darren J. Doherty, CPAg AIA (1967- ) has extensive experience across the world in project design, development, management & training. Starting out at the age of 25 in 1993, his 30+ year career focus has been on the practical, pragmatic, profitable & regenerative retrofit of broadacre landscapes, and Darren is internationally acclaimed as a pioneer in this important & often overlooked field.

With the advent of the Regrarians Ltd. non-profit in 2013, Darren has shifted his service profile to being that of a volunteer of that organisation, and is a leading attendee at conventions and conferences organised in conjunction with local organisations, companies and individuals all over the globe.

An autodidactic polymath, Darren is a 5th generation Bendigo-region land manager, developer, author & trainer and has been involved in the design & development of well over 3000, mostly broadacre projects across 6 continents in more than 50 countries, ranging from 1 million hectare cattle stations in Australia’s Kimberly region to 110,000 acre Estancia’s in Patagonia, EcoVillage developments in Tasmania to public:private R&D agroforestry, agro-commodity & education projects in Viet Nam and India, novel AG Machinery development + family farms across the globe with a range of private, corporate, government & non-profit clients.

A true ‘integrationalist’, Darren is the originator of the Keyline® Design (2006), Carbon Farming (2006), Carbon Economy (2007), Regenerative Agriculture (along with RegenAG® {2009}) & Regrarians® (2012) and Regrarians’ REX®, ROC & RAP conventions and conferences across Europe, North & South America and Oceania.

This wide experience has created an international reputation of achievement plus and enviable & expansive Regrarians Network that integrates many disciplines. Globally many of Darren’s alumni of more than 20,000 people are at the cutting edge of the movement towards regenerative agriculture & living systems.

At 56 years of age, Darren is the originator of the Regrarians Platform® process which outlines a strategic & logical process to the development of regenerative agricultural systems and is the program extensively outlined in the 1500+ page Regrarians Handbook which is now being released chapter by chapter as an eBook; along with the Regrarians Workplace which is the online content management and professional liaison platform for all client, associate, training and alumni relations.

In 2023 stepped back into major projects in the role of what is probably the world’s first ‘Chief Agroforestry Officer’ with the Swedish company ‘Earthbanc AB‘ and ‘Chief Technology Officer’ of its international ‘Earthtree‘ subsidiaries.

Darren is married to Lisa Heenan & together they have three adult children, Isaebella (1993-), Pearl (1999-) & Zane (2001-), all of whom are involved in the operation of Regrarians Ltd. and the private company that manages Regrarians: HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd. and its professional consultancy, ‘Regrarians Land Planning’.

Darren J. Doherty CV


Pearl Doherty (1999-) is most studious of our children and is an expressive animal lover who has done many things including finding herself on the poultry processing line pulling heads & cutting feet at the venerated Polyface Farm along with developing art & stories in her own style, which is well, Pearl. Pearl is named after all of her grandmothers, all proud, strong women & she’s got a bit of all of them in her as she loves a deal, is hard-headed with her finances, a indefatigable bargainer & is extremely enterprising – all great qualities that her parent’s wholeheartedly encourage.

In 2014 Pearl completed her Permaculture Design Course certificate with her father, Darren Doherty on the family farm while doing another in rural Morocco that same year. Pearl is great with other children & when we travel she can often be found helping to keep attendees children amused & entertained more often than not in concert with her younger brother Zane.

More recently Pearl worked as a Barista and Sous Chef at the family’s ‘Cream Town Cafe & Gallery’ and while doing so established herself as a visual artist and DJ, with her first art exhibition in 2023 being a sell-out and she is much sought after as a DJ under the guise of ‘Clam.dirt‘.

Pearl also provides professional assistant support to her father in his roles at Regrarians Ltd. and HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd.


Zane Doherty (2001-) has an engineer’s brain in the scarred & often bruised body of an extreme sportsperson: he lives the kind of life that kids his age should whilst being known for his kind and sensitive manner. Up until the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, Zane had spent around 80% of his life outside of Australia travelling the world with his parents and his sister’s Isaebella and Pearl. In 2011 Zane completed a 14 day Permaculture Design Certificate Course and then in 2016 the 10 day REX® Farm Planning Program with his father, Darren Doherty in rural Morocco. From the age of 16, Zane became an an international model who is represented by Chadwick Models (Australia) and iLove (Italy), performing at Paris and Melbourne fashion weeks, and across Italy, Germany & England.

During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Zane became a much-loved Barista at the family’s ‘Cream Town Cafe & Gallery’, while also proudly serving as the senior ruckman for the 2nd oldest Australian Rules Football (AFL) club, the Castlemaine Magpies (est. 1859) in the famous Bendigo Football League. Over this time he also established his own fashion label under the ‘Shhmeddler’ tag, and continues to produce his own screen and block prints and unique hand-stitched embroidery on recycled clothing for local and international sale.

Mid-way through 2023 Zane did what so many thought he always would do, and asked his father Darren Doherty if he join work with him as a professional land planner. With that Zane is now undergoing a vocational apprenticeship, working 4 days/week under Regrarians’ Georgi Pavlov where he is training in digital cartography, GIS and CAD for large scale projects across the world through the family’s private company, HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd. and its professional consultancy, ‘Regrarians Land Planning’.

Zane continues to work as a fashion model and with his clothing label, while having also become the co-host of the well-known Australian game show, ‘Deal or No Deal‘ on Network 10.


Georgi Pavlov (1989- ) first came to Regrarians in 2011 when he started to digitise some of our farm plans which were posted on our online archives. We were so impressed by his work that we started to work closely together and after a few short years, Georgi became an integral member of the Regrarians Ltd. team. and is a man of the highest personal integrity and care.

Like all of us at Regrarians, Georgi is an autodidactic polymath who is the son of Bulgarian diplomats and the younger brother of Regrarians webmaster and graphic designer Smilyan. Georgi’s main focus at Regrarians is in the detail development of precision farm layout plans of the highest quality in the world. His reputation in the development of these plans, digital renders and training content creation is peerless. The latter is exemplified by his rolling creation of world-leading trainings in the use of QGIS software for digital mapping and layout design, and Autodesk’s Civil 3D package with his unrivalled, Earthworks Grading Program.

Regrarians members have loved the way that this self-taught genius can explain in lay-person’s terms the most complex of equations and scenarios – particularly when it comes to GIS and CAD design. In partnership with Darren Doherty, Georgi is a co-author of the ‘Regrarians Handbook’ project, bringing his trademark qualities of precision and practicality to the fore. 

An introverted lover of nature, Georgi lives with his partner in a rural town in the northern reaches of her home country near the Arctic Circle. When not working for Regrarians and HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd. subsidiary ‘Regrarians Land Planning’, Georgi builds unique high-performance off and on-road e-bikes, enjoys extended and often extreme hikes with his partner, and can be found kayaking and pack-rafting somewhere!

World / Growing family

We have ‘family’ all the world over, a enduring legacy of our approach to travel and work and how we have embedded ourselves in the lives of the often family-run enterprises we’ve had the privilege of working with over many years. We promote at the forefront an inclusive family-focussed approach to planning, education and events that we provide and have pricing policies, which throughout our business model enable family participation wherever possible.