2016 Regrarians World Tour + REX arrives!

2016 Regrarians World Tour + REX arrives!

2016 Regrarians World Tour + REX arrives!

The 2016 Regrarians World Tour dates and venues are getting closer to being announced. This tour will focus on the delivery of our flagship training event — the Regrarians 10 day Open Consultancy or ‘REX’.

What is the REX?

The REX focusses on the development of professional design and consulting skills needed for regenerative agriculture and living.

Using real projects as the subject of this course, attendees and the hosts are guided through the processes involved in a professional design, development & management consultancy, which we call ‘Our Works Pattern’: 1. Data Collation, 2. Concept Design, 3. Detail Design, 4. Budgeting 5. Scheduling, 6. Implementation & 7. Management.

We get to work on the project design, addressing, day by day each of the Regrarians Platform factors, developing layers of design together with strategies for implementation & management. Every day we work in groups to generate a layer, present it to the other attendees. The trainer, Darren J. Doherty will also produce a layer each day and present it too for open feedback.

The REX is for people who are professionally involved in rural landscape management as advisors and managers or want to develop the skills needed to ‘do it themselves’ on their own holding.

Where to do a REX?

The preliminary schedule for 2016 is as follows:

  1. March – California
  2. March – Kansas
  3. April – Tennessee
  4. April – New York
  5. May – Oregon
  6. May – California
  7. June – Mexico
  8. June – Chile
  9. July – Vermont
  10. July – UK
  11. August – Bulgaria
  12. September – France
  13. September – Spain

How much to do a REX?

The RRP for the REX will be in the range of AUD$1200-1500 for the full 10 day professional development experience. In some cases this will include on-site accommodation and in others not. Scholarships may be available and our various discount levels will apply as normal. More details will follow soon.

Why the name REX?

Regrarians’ Darren J. Doherty arrived at this moniker after playing around with terms such as ‘R10’ — this was polysyllabic and we wanted a monosyllabic word for a host of reasons. Many others contributed a number of other terms on our Regrarians Facebook Group. So following all of this the ‘REgrarians 10′ or ‘X‘, using Roman numerals came to Darren as being the term to go with. Its a 10 day training, and follows the 10 factor Regrarians Platform day by day.

The ‘REX’ is ‘the training formerly known as RAD‘ (with apologies to ‘Prince’). We had to change the name as the USA-based company, Restoration Agriculture Developments decided earlier this year to use the name we’d used since 2011 for their enterprise — we didn’t want to be confused with them or what they are up to. That aside we really like the name as it more closely relates to the actual event.

How is the REX assessed?

REX attendees will be assessed on a daily basis by the group presentations they create. Following the 10 factor Regrarians Platform, we’ll all produce a layer of outcomes each day relating to the factor of the day. These outcomes will be plans and designs, reports and spreadsheets, graphs and charts — just as they are for a professional Regrarians consultancy — ‘cos that what the REX is!

What kind of properties will be hosting REX’s?

The current schedule includes events in a wide range of countries, property sizes, enterprise types, outlooks, budgets and biomes.

Is there a REX certification?

Attendees who sit the whole 10 days of the REX and complete the daily design layers will receive a certificate of completion from Regrarians Ltd. We’re not a registered training organisation and we’re not affliated with any institutions and so this ‘piece of card’ documents your completion of the training.

When can I book to do a REX?

All bookings (unless otherwise advised) will be through the Regrarians website. We’re looking to have these events ready to book from October/November 2015.

Sponsoring the 2016 Regrarians World Tour or a REX event?

We’d love to make tickets for attendees as affordable as possible for attendees — but to do so we have to have some sponsorship for the whole tour, individual events or attendees. If this is something that interests you then let us know.

Social Media Handles & Links?

@Regrarians • #RegrariansWT16 • #REX16 • #REX • www.REX.land • www.REX.farm

Recommended Reading?

The primary reference for the REX trainings is the Regrarians Handbook which is available here chapter by chapter

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