Regrarians UAV Mapping Service (‘RUAV’)

Advancements in UAV surveying & mapping technology have been rapid over the 6 years that Regrarians have working in this field.

Regrarians own capabilities in this field have increased and we’re pleased to be able to offer members of the Regrarians Workplace access to this service.

RFly — USD$1500 per day (Australia Only*)


  • We Plan – the flight to optimise the mapping outcomes
  • We Comply – CASA Aviation Reference Number – ARN – 1053709 
  • We Travel – to your site
  • We GCP – using our EMLID Reach RS RTK GPS Base & Rover units
  • We Fly – using our DJI Mavic Pro UAV’s) 
  • We Process – all map layers 
  • We Deliver – all map layers to you

Map Layers Provided:

  • Orthomosaic
  • Plant Health (RGB – VARI)
  • 3D Model
  • Contours
  • Elevation
  • Slope
  • Waterflow
  • Aspect
  • Hillshade

Finished Georeferenced File Formats

.kmz/.kml :

  • Orthomosaic
  • Plant Health
  • Contours
  • Elevation
  • Slope
  • Waterflow
  • Aspect
  • Hillshade

.obj :

  • 3D Model  (DSM)

*120m is the highest altitude a UAV can fly in Australia.
*The general flight maximum time per day is 5 hours (between 1000 & 1500)
*Time between and after flight time is spend plotting GCP’s and processing flight data
*Travel & Accommodation costs are subject to quote – refer to Regrarians Trading Conditions

What do I need to do now?

Buy this package and we’ll send you links to:

  1. The ‘RUAV Workflow’
  2. The ‘RUAV Maps Package Registration Form’
  3. A  request to join the ‘Regrarians® Workplace’ for a minimum 1 month period (you can do that now –

Regrarians Handbook Sections?

Other RUAV Mapping Packages

RUAV Basic – USD$40 per flight
RUAV Standard – USD$80 per flight
RUAV Precision – USD$170 per flight

See the difference!

Following are some comparison topographic maps of the same sites using three (3) different sets of map data:

9ha (clockwise) – Composite of 3 sets of contours >VicPlan (government) 10m contours > Local Surveyor Total Station 1m contours > RUAV UAV 1m contours (50m alt – 65/70% overlap). We’ll be updating this map with one other RUAV flights – this time using GCP’s captured with Regrarians’ Emlid Reach RS RTK GNSS unit.

Photogrammetry is not new!

Since the World War 2 most of the topographic maps that people use have had the contours derived from a process known as photogrammetry.

Preparing topographic maps using large format aerial photos remains a highly skilled task though in the digital age it is processors not humans who create the contour lines.

This process has become even more accurate than before and is what the RUAV process uses to create its contour data.

When Ground Control Points (GCP’s) are applied to the process the resulting contour lines are very accurate.

Its great that we’ve come to a point in time where anyone with access to a good quality consumable UAV can create low-cost, fast, high resolutions of the type that the RUAV service provides.

Professor J. Macdonald Holmes, ‘Practical Map Reading’, 1941

9ha – Flight Plan – 50m altitude – 65% sidelap – 70% frontlap – 15m/s flight speed – 18 mins flight time – 1 battery (DJI Mavic Pro)

9ha – Mosaic photo of all of the 470 individual overlapping images captured by Regrarians’ DJI Mavic Pro from an altitude of 50m

Up to Date, High Resolution Aerial Photos

Google Earth Pro and other online mapping services mostly use satellite images.

They are great services and have revolutionised the way people access and interact with maps.

How often though have you looked at a place and found that the image is old and not as clear as you would like, or there’s cloud cover and so on?

The RUAV service changes all of that with anyone able to access good quality consumable UAV now being able to create fantastic aerial photos captured at low altitude (below the clouds!) on they days that work for you and what you want the aerial for.

Here’s some examples of the difference in resolution available between RUAV processed maps and the latest imagery available from Google Earth Pro:

9ha – Top – GoogleEarth Pro – 21st December, 2017 > Bottom – RUAV – 4th September, 2018

9ha – Top – GoogleEarth Pro – 21st December, 2017 > Bottom – RUAV – 4th September, 2018

9ha – Top – GoogleEarth Pro – 21st December, 2017 > Bottom – RUAV – 4th September, 2018


CASA ‘DroneFlyer’ – Sub 2.5kg Guidelines


Regrarians Ltd. is a proud partner of DroneDeploy’s Flylanthropy program


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