RRenders Iterations

RRenders Iterations

Minimum Price: $150.00




Requests for iterations will be charged based on our hourly fee (USD$150/hour) with a cost ceiling at the standard per page rate.

How to Give Good Feedback

  • Always use clear, articulate and unambiguous statements or directives — we love bullet points! Never use general statements. Recognise that we are working over the internet and it is often remarkably hard to understand what you envision. So for example, it is not helpful to say “Can we include poplar trees in there?”. Instead, it is much more helpful to say “Within this area outline include a stand of mature, hybrid poplar trees, spaced at 12 meter interval within the row and 10 meter interval between the rows, with crown width of 10 meters.
  • Always clearly specify the extents and positions of things. For example, accompany your comments with an exact visual outline of the given area when talking about area extents — such as when discussing tree planting patches.
  • Always include an exact visual point, alignment or outline that clearly and precisely specifies where the element in question should be positioned when talking about the position of something, such as for example the position of a road or a structure.
  • Always include as much detail about the dimensions of elements as possible — width, length, height, batter slope, etc. Consider that we have to build from scratch everything that you are talking about. If you were to build a house for example you’d likely want to have an accurate construction plan with clear dimensions. It’s exactly the same for us.
  • Always include visual references, such as images from Google or your own photos when describing how something should look.
  • Always speak of precise place, date and hour when discussing time, availability, setting up a meeting, etc. For example, it is not helpful to say “let’s meet tomorrow”. Instead, it is much more helpful to refer to precise times, e.g. “Can we meet on Zoom on August 25th, from 1300 to 1400 PM +2 GMT?”


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