#REX10NewYork Convention

#REX10NewYork Convention



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5-14 August 2016 — Lakeside School at Black Kettle Farm – 6 Leaning Road. Essex, New York 12936


In the world of workshops & courses there is nothing quite like the #Regrarians 10 day Integrated Farm Planning Convention or #REX. A carefully crafted distillation of the world’s greatest and most effective methodologies, the #REX is designed for nothing less than effective outcomes. People are participants, not ‘attendees’ or ‘students’ at a #REX such is the integrity of the course model for its inclusive approach. Following the Regrarians Ltd. already renowned & highly respected #RegrariansPlatform, the #REX follows a subject a day, building layer by practical layer for the real client and real enterprise that is the basis for this unique 10 day experience.
The #REX Convention is guided over its journey by #Regrarians Ltd. #DarrenJDoherty, a consultant’s consultant & designer’s designer of world class & reputation. Unfortunately right now, few people on the planet have the real project experience and track record that Darren brings to the #REX, but that’s what the #REX is all about changing…
The #REX does not promise all things to all people, it is founded on reality and accordingly we want you to consider the following questions:
*To do a course that is ‘cutting to the chase’ and respects your valuable time, investment & involvement?
*To do a course that is led by someone has over 20 years of real project experience in well over 40 countries?
*To walk away from a course with less questions than when you started because now you know how to get to work?
*To do a course where you are working on a real project with real clients and real outcomes?
*A level of professional support following the course?
*To do daily exercises that build your confidence and understanding from Day 1?
*To get constructive and participatory feedback on your work?
*An intense experience that is big on you understanding processes you’ll be able to take to any regenerative agricultural project?
We like to think that the #REX is ‘Uncertified Rational’. Many of #Regrarians‘ 15,000+ alumni have told us that they don’t need a piece of paper (though you will still get one!), what they’d like is practical, pragmatic and proven skills + techniques and technologies that are going to take them, their enterprises and their landscapes further. #Regrarians would like to make it our promise that that’s what will do with this and every #REX we do…
Day 3 – WATER
Day 4 – ACCESS
Day 8 – SOILS
Day 10 – ENERGY
USD$1395 – no discounts apply
USD$300 deposit is available with balance to be paid before the convention starts
Darren J. Doherty: has attended well over 200 conventions & conferences in front of more than 15,000 people since 2001. Darren has also convened with close to 2000 property owners since 1993 in nearly 50 countries, helping them develop their farm plans. Darren is widely recognised as a leader & pioneer in the Regenerative Agriculture movement.
Your participation in this #REX Convention includes free access to ProBiotic Omnivorous Offerings include breakfast, morning/afternoon tea, lunch & dinner prepared by our own LISA JANE HEENAN. These amazing locally sourced food & beverages are supplied Free of Charge for everyone attending this event and it is your choice to eat that which is provided.
If you don’t want to consume any of the locally sourced, processed and supplied food & beverages we have on offer then you will need to self-cater at your own expense.
If you have strict dietary requirements then either bring some of your favourites or let us know ASAP otherwise your options will be limited. #Regrarians Breaks are generous to allow you plenty of time to catch up with old and new friends. You’ll be contacted by email once you’ve made your booking and also close to the event giving any final instructions and information.
*10 day #Regrarians Agriculture & Living Design Convention (#REX) Attendance
*4 x 90 minute sessions per day, 0900-1930 + evening sessions, 2 x 30 min morning/afternoon breaks + 1 hour lunch
*Regrarians #REX Convention certificate of attendance

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Facebook Event Page: http://bit.ly/REX10NewYork

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Handles: @Regrarians #REX10NewYork #REX2016

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*Get USD$50 for each referral?
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We are super keen to build the number of people who have on-farm training based on the #‎RegrariansPlatform. The 2016 #REX 10 day professional farm planning series are just the place to get a wide range of vocational-based skills.


Whether you are registered for a #REX or are not, you can get a USD$50/registration cash payment for every registered participant who completes a #REX as a result of your referral.

Just have your referred friend or colleague quote your name (and PayPal account email) in the ‘Order Notes‘ section of the booking form when they register. Its that simple!


When your referral’s have fully registered and completed their #REX event we’ll deposit however much you’re owed. Simple and easy.


You can also choose to sponsor a #REX scholarship position via this #REXCASH program. When your referee registers simply add the word#‎Scholarship to their registration and Regrarians will match your contribution of USD$50 per referral. These funds will go towards paying for scholarship positions at the nominated #REX events.

NB. This offer is currently only applicable to the USA #REX events and to PayPal account holders

• Tent or Camping Gear comfortable for a 11-12 night stay
• Camping mug/cup/plate & (refillable) water bottle
• Head Lamp (campers only)
• Day bag or small backpack
• If you don’t want to drink the farm’s tank water then please bring your own supply of water
*Clothes for late spring in eastern New York. Late Spring in Eastern New York (nights 50/65 degrees – days 70/85 degrees Fahrenheit)
*Sturdy boots
*Long-sleeved shirt & pants/shorts
*Wide-brimmed hat & sunglasses
*Notebook, Laptop/Tablet & Video/still camera
*A great attitude for participatory learning
*If you want to have a portable chair for those times when we are stopping for a while around the farm, then bring one (though this is Sherpa-free event !)
*Anything that you need to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible
Whatever non-compostable rubbish you bring you will be taking with you when you leave
The land can be accessed by: Burlington International Airport: www.btv.aero
Carriers: Allegiant, Delta, Jet Blue, United, and American Airlines
Post Flight Driving Instructions:
OPTION 1 includes the Charlotte / Essex Ferry: Toll Required
1. From BIA travel North on Airport Circle toward Airport Drive (0.2 miles) Turn Left on Airport Drive (0.6 miles), Continue onto Kennedy Drive (0.9 miles), Continue straight to stay on Kennedy Drive (0.6 miles), Use the middle lane to take the ramp to I-189 W (0.2 miles), Continue onto I-189 W (1.4 miles), Keep left at the fork, follow signs for S 7 (150 feet), Use any lane to turn left onto US-7/Shelburne Road – Continue to follow US-7 S (9.9 miles), Turn right onto Ferry Road (2.8 miles), Take the Essex – Charlotte Ferry to Essex (2.8 miles), Slight left toward NY-22 S (300 feet), Turn right onto NY-22 S / Station Street – Continue to follow NY-22 S (5.3 miles), Arrive at Whallonsburg Grange Hall: 1610 New York 22, Essex, New York 12936
OPTION 2 via Crown Point / Lake Champlain Bridge: Not Toll Required
2. From BIA travel north on Airport Circle toward Airport Drive (0.2 miles), Turn left onto Airport Drive (0.6 miles), Continue onto Kennedy Drive (0.9 miles), Continue straight to stay on Kennedy Drive (0.6 miles), Use the middle lane to take the ramp to I-189 W (0.2 miles), Continue onto I-189 W (1.4miles), Keep left at the fork, follow signs for S 7 (150 feet), Use any lane to turn left onto US-7 S/Shelburne Road – Continue to follow US-& S 7 (19 miles), Turn right right onto VT-22A S (7.5 miles), Turn right onto VT-17 W (Entering New York 8.4 miles), continue onto NY-185 W (4.1 miles), Turn right onto NY-22 N/NY-9N N (14 miles), Keep right to continue on Champlain Avenue (1 mile), Continue onto NY-22 N (6.6 miles), Arrive at Whallonsburgh Grange Hall: 1610 New York 22, Essex, NY 12936
Trains (and Buses):
Adirondack Rail: http://www.amtrak.com/adirondack-train
Amtrack services from points South start at: Penn Station in New York City, New York. Amtrak services from points North start at: Gare Centrale in Montreal, Quebec
Reference Google Maps – Address: 1610 New York 22, Essex, NY 12936
• Camping Available at the following campgrounds:
• Bulwagga Bay RV Park and Campground – 518-546-7500
• Barber Homestead Park, West Port – 518-962-8989
• Crown Point Campground, Crown Point – 581-597-3603
• Long Pond Cabins, Willsboro – 518-963-4126
• Port Henry Campgrounds and Champ Beach Park – 518-546-7123
Cottages and Hotels: http://www.lakechamplainregion.com/stay/lodging
Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com
Search the following towns: Essex, Moriah, Port Henry, Westport, Whallonsburgh and Willsboro
If you plant Otherwise for those who wanted to rough it we are you are welcome to camp at the REX course venue, which is what we encourage. If you are doing this then you’ll need to:
• *Arrive squeaky clean
• *A solar-heated shower will be available for use (5 mins max)
• *Please bring all that you need as this is a working farm, not a caravan park or accommodation provider. You will be roughing it with the basic provisions an organised camp out would usually provide (ie. toilet, bush shower & washing up)
• There is wireless internet available in the classroom but not on the farm. Depending on your cell phone provider service is spotty at best.
• *There are no laundry facilities on-site.
In keeping with Regrarians Ltd. ‘Policy of Magnanimity‘, as a participant you are permitted to record anything and everything at this event. By attending this event you give permission for images/voice of yourself to be used by Regrarians Ltd. unless otherwise arranged.
We understand that sometimes circumstances dictate that you are not able to attend after you’ve made and paid for your booking. We are happy to give a full refund 14 days out from the date of any #Regrarians events minus a $25 administration fee. If you need to cancel your booking within 14 days then we are unable to provide a refund though you can use your payment towards a future #Regrarians event.
*Allan Savory Titles – http://savory-institute.myshopify.com/
*Polyface Farm’s Joel Salatin Titles – http://www.polyfacefarms.com/books-dvds/
*David Holmgren Titles – http://www.holmgren.com.au/
*Tagari Farm Tasmania’s Bill Mollison Titles – http://www.tagari.com.au/
*Design Principles for Farm Forestry – Rowan Reid Ed. – http://www.mastertreegrower.org.au/main.asp?_=Resources
*Edible Forest Gardens – Dave Jacke with Eric Toensmeier – http://www.edibleforestgardens.com/
*The Geographic Basis of Keyline – J. MacDonald Holmes – http://bit.ly/1f43TOB
*Water for Every Farm: Yeomans Keyline Plan – Yeomans Keyline Plan – P.A. Yeomans & Ken B. Yeomans – http://keyline.com.au/
*Keyline Notes – Abe Collins & Darren J. Doherty – http://bit.ly/1cy4bWc

*Regrarians Media – Keyline Channel – http://bit.ly/1e797nE


  • Any registration fees provided for your attendance at any Regrarians Ltd. Convention are a DONATION to Regrarians Ltd. The proceeds of these donations are paid to the respective Regrarians Ltd. Convention Host, Caterers and other local suppliers — and to cover Regrarians Ltd. expenses incidental to its Directors’ (and family’s) attendance (flights, travel, telephony, board and lodging only)
  • Any remaining donation funds remaining are directed to support Regrarians Ltd. international outreach in fulfilling its ‘Statement of Purpose‘ — support of the Regrarians Ltd. non-profit means paying for its office, research & media; supporting its volunteers’ board and lodging; providing attendee scholarships and support to its conventions; membership fees and registrations.
  • Regrarians Ltd. Directors are volunteers and do not receive private payment (s) for their attendance at any international conventions outside of Australia and New Zealand. Doing so would contravene the foreign travel regulations of most countries.


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