KTG Farmland Program

KTG Farmland Program


Kiss the Ground Farmland Program ‘Planner’ Membership – $1020 

Regrarians, along with the Savory Institute and The Soil Health Academy, are proud partners of the Kiss the Ground organisation and its ‘Farmland Program‘. 

Farmland Scholarship Recipients obtain the same access privileges and training/mentorship package as Regrarians’ Planner members — including:

  • Access to the Regrarians Workplace — our exclusive regenerative agriculture forum
    – This forum uses the brilliant Workplace by Facebook platform — a private intranet for enterprises and organisations
    – Conversations are categorised according to the Regrarians Platform® and a broad range of sub-topics & project groups
    – Your access is defined by your membership level — the base level provides access to the Regrarians Platform discussion groups in the Regrarians Workplace
    – You understand and agree that you’re committing to a membership for a minimum of one (1) year

  • Full Access to the Regrarians Platform Resources GoogleDrive, an extraordinary catalogue of support materials for any Regrarian 

  • Full Access to any new 13 week REX Online Farm Planning Programs — the world’s leading online farm planning program
    – We run a minimum of 1 REX Online programs per year – should we run 2 REX over the year of your subscription then you can do both 13 week REX® Online Farm Planning Program
  • Full Access to Regrarians ONline (‘RON’) Live & Recorded Instructional Sessions
    – RON sessions detail the sections of the Regrarians Handbook and also feature Peer2Peer and Biz2Biz Sessions
  • One (1) hour consultation/mentorship call with Regrarians’ Darren J. Doherty  

  • Full Access to the 10 week REX Online Farm Planning Program Archives — the original REX online program delivered from June:Sept 2017 & Nov 2017:Feb2018 
    – Includes access to all recorded webinars & discussion pages 
  • Full Access to 13 week REX Online Farm Planning Program Archives delivered over 2018 and 2019.  
    – Includes all recorded webinars & discussion pages
  • Precision Mapping Package — Regrarians is a DroneDeploy ‘Drones for Good‘ partner. With this we can help you prepare a high resolution farm map complete with aerial photo, topographic contours, plant health analysis and 3D models. All you need is a day without rain and wind and a UAV capable of working with Drone Deploy  — plus have an RTK GNSS/GPS (Regrarians recommends the affordable EMLID Reach RS units) if you want high resolution topographic contours. 


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