eCourse – QGIS for Mapping and Design (Pre-Order – ETA March 2021)


eCourse – QGIS for Mapping and Design (Pre-Order – ETA March 2021)

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We are pleased to announce that we have turned our attention towards the creation of what we believe will be the most comprehensive QGIS training to date! The freely available QGIS is a powerful geographic information system (GIS) software for the analysis of geospatial data and the production of maps and design concepts. Second only to a consideration of Climate, applying the Geography layer lays the groundwork to proper land design, development and management. Toward this end, QGIS has been for many years a primary tool in our own workflows over hundreds of projects. In this course, we have taken our experience and distilled the most essential information and workflows one needs to understand to handle this program masterfully and become efficient in its use.

  • We have spent hundreds of hours in preparation for this course. All of the videos are scripted, pre-recorded and streamed so that information is presented in a concise and clear format and you can learn at your own leisure, from any device, and at any place that has an active internet connection.
  • Videos are 10-15 minutes long each and meticulously edited to remove any ‘ahh’, ‘hmm’, ‘uhh’ kind of noise and deliver content that is straightforward and to the point. Once you open a section, you are presented straight away with what you need to know and not a second is wasted in fruitless sidetracking of any kind. Callouts and other visual aids are used throughout to highlight any important information and eliminate the opportunity for ambiguity. 
  • We have designed the sections to serve as a reference, in a similar format to our Regrarians Handbook. This means that each section stands on its own. As such, you do not need to watch the entire course to know how to, say, make contour maps expertly. You can just watch that section. Naturally, this kind of format may create a fair amount of overlap between sections but, over years of teaching, we have learned that to be a good thing. Education is repetition. You can also watch the entire course in a linear progression, should you choose, as sections do build upon each other in crossreference to deliver a comprehensive and interconnected understanding of the program. 
  • Project files (downloadable) are included for each practical section so that you can follow along.
  • Access to this course is for life. Not only that, but we are planning on keeping it updated and expanding it in as times goes on so that it remains relevant. The format we have designed allows us to make edits, updates and additions seamlessly without requiring you to download anything.
  • We offer technical support for this course to our eligible Regrarians Workplace members.
  • Videos will be released progressively within the Regrarians Workplace so that our eligible members will be able to see them as they become available and engage in discussions, ask questions, receive technical support, and provide feedback in the dedicated course group.
  • Planner members of our Regrarians Workplace who have active subscriptions at the time of this announcement (November 2020) or after it are entitled to access this course for free and watch the latest videos as they become available. Furthermore, Planner subscribers can bring along any team/project/family members to join the Workplace and also receive access to the course for free. If you’d like to become a Planner member, please visit this page.
  • People who purchase the course, and are not members of the Regrarians Workplace, will receive the entire course and the associated project files separately from the Workplace only once all the videos have been recorded (ETA March 2021). 
  • Pre-ordering provides you with a 50% discount on the release price. We are also likely to increase the price in the future as the course grows in content and quality. So the value of your purchase only enhances with time.
  • The discount offer ends on January 1, 2021.



1.1. Course Orientation
1.2. Project Files
1.3. GIS
1.3.1. What is GIS?
1.3.2. Applications
1.3.3. Projections
1.3.4. Coordinate Systems
1.3.5. Geodesy
1.3.6. Datums
1.3.7. Remote Sensing
1.3.8. GIS Software
1.3.9. Spatial Data Formats and Extensions
1.3.10. Spatial Data Sources
1.3.11. Glossary
1.4. QGIS
1.4.1. Uses, Comparison, Interoperability
1.4.2. Minimum System Requirements
1.4.3. Download and Installation
1.4.4. Interface Breakdown


2.1. Satellite Imagery
2.2. Digital Elevation Models
2.3. Orthophotographs
2.4. LiDAR
2.5. KMZ/KML
2.6. GPX
2.7. Shapefile
2.8. Delimited Text (CSV)
2.9. CAD Data
2.10. XYZ Tiles
2.12. Multi-Spectral Imagery
2.13. Georeferencing Images
2.14. Database
2.14.1. Setup
2.14.2. Operations


3.1. To Raster
3.2. To KMZ
3.3. To CAD
3.4. To Shapefile
3.5. To CSV
3.6. To Mobile
3.7. To GPS
3.8. To Print
3.8.1. Settings
3.8.2. Composer Templates


4.1. Geoprocessing
4.1.1. Clipping
4.1.2. Union
4.1.3. Merge
4.1.4. Dissolve
4.1.5. Intersect
4.1.6. Buffer
4.2. Analysis
4.2.1. Height
4.2.2. Contours
4.2.3. Slope
4.2.4. Aspect
4.2.5. Hillshade
4.2.6. Visibility
4.2.7. Fill
4.2.8. Flow Direction
4.2.9. Flow Accumulation
4.2.10. Watershed/Basin
4.2.11. Topographic Wetness Index (TWI)
4.2.12. Water Retention Capacity (WRC)
4.2.13. Ruggedness Index (RI)
4.2.14. Multi-Spectral Imagery
4.2.15. Raster Calculator
4.2.16. Data Interpolation
4.2.17. Aggregation


5.1. Geoprocessing
5.1.1. Clipping
5.1.2. Union
5.1.3. Merge
5.1.4. Dissolve
5.1.5. Intersect
5.1.6. Buffer
5.1.7. Symmetrical Difference
5.1.8. Making Selections
5.2. Geometry Tools
5.2.1. Simplify
5.2.2. Smooth
5.3. Analysis
5.3.1. Relief from LiDAR
5.3.2. Slope from LiDAR
5.3.3. Contours from LiDAR
5.3.4. Contours from Survey Points
5.3.5. Contours from TIN
5.3.6. Slope from TIN
5.3.7. Hillshade from TIN
5.3.8. Flow Direction from TIN
5.3.9. Flow Accumulation from TIN
5.3.10. Watershed from TIN
5.3.11. Sampling Grids


6.1. Projections and Coordinate Systems
6.1.1. Assigning Projections
6.1.2. Extracting Projections
6.1.3. Warping Projections
6.2. Mosaic to Raster
6.3. Raster to Vector
6.4. Vector to Raster
6.4.1. Points to DTM
6.4.2. Polylines to DTM
6.4.3. LiDAR to DTM
6.4.4. TIN to DTM
6.5. Vector to TIN
6.5.1. Survey Points to TIN
6.5.2. Polylines to TIN
6.5.3. LiDAR to TIN
6.6. Vector to Vector
6.6.1. Points to Polygons
6.6.2. Points to Polylines


7.1. Points
7.2. Polylines
7.3. Polygons
7.4. Circles, Ellipses, Arcs
7.5. Splines
7.6. Grids
7.7. Layers
7.7.1. Layer Uses
7.7.2. Layer Styling
7.7.3. Layer Styles
7.7.4. Blend Modes
7.8. Measurements
7.8.1. Area
7.8.2. Distance
7.9. Snapping
7.10. Offsetting
7.11. Trim/Extend
7.12. Fillet/Bevel
7.13. Symbology
7.14. Hatching
7.15. Labels
7.16. Editing
7.16.1. Cut/Copy
7.16.2. Move
7.16.3. Rotate
7.16.4. Scale
7.16.5. Invert/Mirror
7.17. Geometry Generator
7.18. Scale
7.19. North Sign
7.20. Inserting Elements
7.20.1. Tables
7.20.2. Data frames
7.21.3. Images
7.22.4. Graphs


8.1. Folder Structure
8.2. Naming Conventions
8.3. Shortcuts
8.4. Useful Plugins
8.5. 3D Visualization
8.6. QField Overview


9.1. Standard Site Analysis – Beginning to End
9.2. Drawing a Farm Design Concept
9.3. Drawing Keyline Patterns
9.4. Making Routing Calculations
9.5. Dealing with Problematic Files


I am a beginner. Is this course suitable for me?

This course is especially empowering to beginners. Through a systematic, structured and concise delivery of what we have distilled to be the most crucial workflows, you will receive a solid foundation and the knowledge required to use the program like a professional would straight away. 

I am an intermediate to advanced user. Is this course for me?

We believe intermediate users and, to a fair degree, advanced users too will find a lot of benefit in this course. The workflows presented here are the very same ones we’ve been developing and using on a day-to-day basis in our professional work for the last decade. As such, you can be sure that, should you follow them or adapt them for your own use, you are benefiting from years of trial and error to receive workflows that are highly efficient.

Will I have lifetime access?
Yes, regardless of whether or not you are a Regrarians Workplace member/subscriber, if you have bought this course or have been a Planner subscriber since its announcement (November 2020), you will have lifetime access to it and any future updates and expansions that we make to it.
How long do I have to wait before I can watch the course?
Videos will be released progressively until the entire content list has been covered. If you are a member of the Regrarians Workplace and are eligible for access then you can watch the latest videos as they become available. If you are not a member of the Workplace, then you can watch the entire course only once all videos have been recorded and the full course released (current ETA is March 2021).

I don’t have QGIS, where should I get it from?
QGIS is completely free and available for Windows, iOS and Linux. You can download it from the official website.

What version of QGIS should I use?

The version we use may change as we record the course cause new versions are released regularly. However, we will always be using the latest version, currently 3.16.0 ‘Hannover’.

What operation system is the course based in?

We will be using Windows 10, but you can follow along regardless of what your OS is.

When will the course be released?

We are beginning to roll out videos for our Regrarians Workplace members starting the first week of November 2020. If you re a Workplace member, then you can watch the videos as they become available. If you are not a Workplace member, then you will have to wait for the entire course to be published before you can access it. The current ETA for the release of the entire course is March 2021. This ETA may be subject to change (given the current global environment), but we are striving to keep to it.

How long will this course be?

We don’t know yet exactly, but it may amount to be in the vicinity of 70 hours or more as it grows in time. 

How much time do I need to dedicate?

Strictly speaking, and since this course is pre-recorded, you can dedicate as much time as you can/wish to it. Our goal is to convey the information that, if assimilated, will provide you with a solid foundation for professional work in this field. We encourage you, however, to learn as much as you can in and out of the course on your own time. Most learning happens outside of a course – by scouring for information on forums, engaging with a community, committing to daily practice, trying new things, failing a million times over, etc. There is no true learning that is not self-learning. But a course is there to give guidance and structure to self-learning, not to replace it.

Is the content list going to change?

We are constantly looking to make this course better. As such, if, in the process of recording it, it appears that the content has to be modified then we will do that. We will not, however, remove away from the content. We may move sections around or change their names or merge sections into one another so they better fit in the overall structure and we may add new sections as we go along. Even after the course has been fully recorded and released, the plan is to keep it updated and to expand it over time as needed. You will have access to any of these updates and expansions.

How can I access the videos?

There are three options: 

  1. If you are a Planner Subscriber to the Regrarians Workplace. In this case, you receive the course for free as a part of your subscription. You do not need to buy the course or this pre-sale! You can watch the videos from within the Workplace as they become available. You will also receive access separately to the entire course once all videos have been published so, should you discontinue your subscription, you will still have lifetime access to the course. 
  2. If you are a member of the Regrarians Workplace, but not a Planner Subscriber, then you can still pre-order the course and will be granted access to the videos within the Workplace so you can see them as they become available. You will also receive access separately to the entire course once all videos have been published so if you choose to leave the Regrarians Workplace for any reason then you will still have lifetime access to the entire course.
  3. If you are not a member of the Regrarians Workplace. In this case, you can pre-order the course now and you will receive lifetime access to it once all the videos have been recorded and the full course has been released (ETA March 2021). You will not be able to see each video as it becomes available since that is something that only Workplace members have access to. 
Can my team/project/family members have access to the course?
In the case of Planner subscribers, that’s a resounding yes! As has always been our policy, any team/project/family members attached to your Planner subscription can join the Workplace and are entitled to access to this course for free and for life.
For those who are not Planner subscribers, each person must purchase the course separately if they wish to access it.
Are project files included?
Yes, every section will be accompanied by the project files that you need to follow along if you wish. 

Is the course downloadable?

The videos are not downloadable, but any project files will be downloadable. The videos will be streamed via one of the major online streaming platforms (Vimeo or Youtube, to be confirmed). This allows us to easily edit the course, should the need arise, and keep the course updated and expand it in the future. It also allows for people to watch the course that would otherwise not have a good enough internet connection to download the considerable size of all the videos. 

Is the course refundable?

Only purchases made during pre-sale can be refunded. Once the pre-sale runs out and the full course has been released, we will no longer accept refunds since this is a digital product. 

Do you offer support?

We offer technical support to our Regrarians Workplace members. This takes place within the dedicated course group. We are obligated to answer any questions that pertain to the course and offer help with should the need for troubleshooting arise. We cannot, however,  necessarily solve issues that pertain to students’ personal/commercial projects outside of the course since our time is very limited. However, we are lucky to have the larger Regrarians community within the Workplace with hundreds of other students and professionals that may offer help in case we ourselves are unavailable.

Please bear in mind that for students outside of the Workplace, we cannot offer technical support since our communication with students is limited to the Workplace only.

I have other questions, how should I contact you?

If you are a Regrarians Workplace member, write us directly in the Workplace via the chat or on the official course group. Otherwise, drop us an email!





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